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An Intimate Palace

For a more intimate affair, this exclusive palace offers a wide range of options for hosting a special wedding reception.

This Venetian palace hotel dates back to the 15th century and although restorations have taken place over the years

, its style and beauty are still very much embedded in the history of its walls today. The new building, restored from parts of its old still holds historical elegance.

It is a unique and intimate setting enriched with exquisite art work, mosaics, and architectural elements of a remarkable era.

An intimate atmosphere can also be enjoyed with the use of the hotels private terrace, with a perfect view of the Grand Canal as a backdrop, or exclusivity of the hotel is also available to hire as a private house for you and your guests.

Brilliant Wedding Venice are passionate in creating the most perfect setting for a wedding celebration, and with our expertise in wedding planning, we will help build a beautiful and unique experience. 


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