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Bon, will you marry me? In Venice, Phyo made his wedding proposal to his girlfriend on a gondola

A wedding proposal on a gondola, followed by a romantic aperitif on a terrace with a stunning view and a private tour by taxi at sunset

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Wedding proposal on a gondola, aperitif on a terrace, taxi tour at sunset.

Venice, like you have never seen it. Venice, lived in a crescendo of emotion, intensity and sweetness. Phyo and Bon arrived in the lagoon from Singapore. A long overseas trip to discover the wonder of a city that has no equal in the world. Just a holiday? Not exactly. Phyo has planned and organized every detail to give her something really unforgettable. First the wedding proposal on a gondola, then a romantic aperitif on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal and finally a private tour by taxi to get lost in the light of the sunset. Could you ask for something more in such a special moment?

There is nothing suspicious about going for a walk in St. Mark's square. Once there, boarding a gondola seems a good idea. What else could happen? At most, some spurts of brackish water. Not exactly. Phyo has “plotted" behind the heart of Bon and shortly after  5 pm the first part of his plan of love starts. The ship begins its journey. Everything is going on as usual when, shortly before passing under the Bridge of Sighs, something rolls down from it. It’s a banner with a picture of them and the inscription: Bon, will you marry me?

She brings her hands to her face, surprised and excited. Bon, dressed half in white, seems to be ready. Now it’s the fateful moment: Phyo pulls out the ring and offer it to his beloved. She says yes. The couple is happy. Phyo thanks those present and a small crowd that shared with tem this unforgettable moment. Bon almost hides, snuggled in the arms of her boyfriend. Meanwhile the gondola continues its tour till St. Mark's basin, giving the two lovers another moment of pure magic.

Waves here and there, the gondolier keeps rowing and the couple coming from the Orient arrives in St. Mark’s square. The whole city is in front of them. Walking slightly under the portico of the Doge’s Palace, with its historical capitals made in the 14th and 15th centuries. Phyo leans against one of the large columns and tightens its sweet Bon, prettier and happier than ever. The next step is entering in the famous “Loggetta del Sansovino”, just below the bell tower of St. Mark’s basilica. In front of them there are the bronze statues of ancient gods, like Minerva, Mercury and Apollo, and the allegory of Peace.

A scant half-hour break, with the photographer ready to capture these moments of love, and then the couple proceed with the aperitif on a terrace directly overlooking the Grand Canal. This moment is shared with their friends and Bon, happier than she has ever been in her life, between a laugh and a toast keeps showing her engagement ring. However, time flies and Phyo has arranged everything to the smallest detail. At 6.45 pm sharp a taxi awaits them in the dock for the icing (...) on this magnificent cake, that is a taxi tour at sunset.

Here they go. It’s like the conclusion of a great romantic movie. The taxi carrying Phyo and Bon, the bride and groom to be, goes without haste. Behind them, the  impressive Basilica della Salute and then Punta della Dogana. The perfect destination is the island of St. George, so much loved by poets, painters, Venetians themselves... but also and especially by those who are in love. Like Bon and Phyo. The historical street lamps light up. The lights reassure the darkness like fireflies.

Phyo caress gently her lovely Bon. New pages of romance are inscribed  in the lagoon. They play, they look at each other. Ferry-boats, private boats, motorboats and vaporetti overtake them. But they stay there, suspended in a dimension that is already a world apart. On the other side of the basin the city's patron saints, Saint Mark the Evangelist and Saint Todaro, from the top of their respective columns in marble and granite, watch them proudly and blessing. The lighting outside the Palladian ensemble illuminates their last kiss.

The conclusion speaks for itself. Everything is still fresh, roaring and calm at the same time. Phyo and Bon are sitting on the flat space in front of the Church of San Giorgio. Legs and feet dangling. In front of them the Venetian Lagoon, St Mark's square and Doge's Palace. All the spires, steeples, roofs shaped like an inverted V, the cloudless sky, the magic of Venice is in front of them. In front of them there is everything they have always dreamed of, their love. Their love is here and now, it’s tangible. They feel like the king and the queen of the world. This is the power of love. This is the splendour of the love between Bon and Phyo.



Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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