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Wedding proposal in Venice aboard a private Yacht

000 wedding proposal on private boat


A private ride on a boat, a banner with the fateful question: will you marry me? Mika arranged a dinner aboard a private boat to ask Claudia’s hand.



Marriage proposal in Venice at night on a gondola

Omar chose to ask his girlfriend’s hand with a romantic gondola ride at night on the canals of Venice.

000 wedding proposal gondola night candels venice


The couple gets aboard the Gondola in Saint Mark’s Square, along the Venice canals the atmosphere is magic, at their arrival at the campiello they met a violinist waiting for them: they are surrounded by candles and the emotion bursts


Wedding proposal in Saint Giorgio Maggiore’s Island Venice

Jeorge chose to ask his girlfriend’s hand in the romantic Saint Giorgio Maggiore’s Island in Venice

000 Marriage proposal Saint Georges Island


The couple arrives at Saint George’s and, enjoying the marvellous view from Saint George’s Island, Jeorge asks his girlfriend to marry him.


Price List Town Hall Venice, Palazzo Cavalli. All Prices and Costs for a Civil Wedding in Venice

All Prices & Cost for a civil wedding in Venice Italy. Price List for a civil wedding ceremony at the Palazzo Cavalli (Town Hall) Venice Italy.

venice civil wedding palazzo cavalli

How much does getting married in the Town Hall, Palazzo Cavalli Venice cost?


Marriage proposal in Venice with flash mob, the infinite love

In Venice is on the scene the magic of love. Supported by a flash mob, Seanie made his proposal of marriage to the beautiful Alana.


In the natural setting of a Venetian sunset, Seanie asked Alana's hand after a touching marriage proposal with a flash mob.


Brilliant Wedding Venice conquers the american magazine Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!

From the United States to Venice and back. The Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine narrates the venetian marriage of Seth Setrakian and Dasha Maksymova.


Brilliant Wedding Venice creates, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine tells. There in the middle the ceremony, according to the greek- orthodox rite, of Seth and Dasha in Venice.


The romantic marriage proposal in Venice, by Rikesh to Rita

Before the gondola ride, then the proposal, then the pre -wedding photo shoot in Venice. Rita and Rikesh are ready to get married.


After a romantic gondola ride, Rikesh kneels and does the marriage proposal in an intimate Venetian square. Enchanting Rita says “I do”.


Wedding proposal in Venice, luxury Venetian Palace

First the surprise, then a new world made of eternal promises, petals and pastries. Hannah said “I do” to the marriage proposal of her romantic Joshua.


From Australia to the island of gondolas. A journey inside the wedding proposal of Joshua to his sweet Hannah… love triumphs again in Venice.


Get married in Venice aboard the Wedding Gondola

Elegant. Decorated. As a doge. In Venice, the Wedding Gondola is a real feather in the cap, available for the newly married.


The gondoliers in livery, the celebrant and the violinist. In the middle of the gondola for marriage, there are the two lucky newlyweds, in the watery heart of Venice.


Marriage proposal on a gondola, Jyoti answers “I do” to Robin

Along the placid waters of the lagoon, on a gondola, Robin made his marriage proposal to Jyoti, who lovingly answered “I do”.

0 wedding-proposal-gondola-Venice-Italy

"Jyoti , will you marry me?". From the banner fell down from the Canonica Bridge to the “fawning” ring. Chronicle of a romantic marriage proposal on a gondola .


Venice, wedding proposal on the terrace overlooking San Marco

The sweet Venetian story of Juli and David between gondolas, marriage proposal and the romantic toast on the terrace of the Danieli Hotel, overlooking San Marco .


David kneels. He has a ring in his hand. Juli accepts his marriage proposal. And here they are, together and happy to drink on the Danieli’sterrace, with a unique view of San Marco.


Civil marriage at Ca' Vendramin Calergi Palace, wedding in Venice

For the lovers that will decide to celebrate their civil marriage in Venice, in the magnificent Ca ' Vendramin Calergi Palace, it is available the Hall of Hearts or the lavish garden.


The gentle flow of the Grand Canal, the total magic of Venice. A journey into the palace of Ca' Vendramin Calergi, where you can get married in a civil ceremony .


Venice, an original marriage proposal with a private taxi

A quiet weekend in the lagoon has been the theater for an original marriage proposal in Venice, with a private taxi. Constanza said “I do” to Ortensio.


Anything can happen on the waters of the Grand Canal. For information ask Costanza, who saw delivered to her an original marriage proposal in Venice, with a private taxi.


Successful wedding planner: Brilliant Wedding Venice achieves Elle Hong Kong

From the Westin Europa & Regina Hotel in Venice to the pages of Elle Wedding Hong Kong. There, in the middle, the commendable wedding planner work of Brilliant Wedding Venice.


Frase anteprima articolo: The competence of Brilliant Wedding Venice seduces the East and winning the readers of Elle Wedding Hong Kong.


Guide to wedding vows Renewal in Venice for 2 people

In order to renew your wedding vows in Venice, you can choose between a garden, a palace, a panoramic terrace, a church or a gondola ride.


A historic Venetian palace to renew the vows of marriage is a good choice but not the only one. Among the other magical location there is also the unique gondola.

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