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Venice the most romantic wedding proposal at a palace

Intimate and romantic wedding proposal in historical palace in Venice overlooking the Grand Canal

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Venice the charm of the city on the lagoon, linked to its history, amazing wedding proposal in a palace with decorations, candles and roses for an unforgettable day

The myths need to be constantly reinvented. It works for love, too. Lukasz knows it. In Venice he managed to make the most romantic wedding proposal in a palace come true. A carpet made of petals and there we go: on his knees to ask his sweet girlfriend’s hand. With her being unaware of all this, he organised their official engagement ceremony in Italy, uncontested land of art and emotions. I don’t want to keep you in a suspense: the answer was yes. Yes, and yes again.

Venice is the first step, of course, but it is not enough when you deal with a wedding proposal. You also need the perfect location. Lukasz found it. A facade on campo San Geremia, the other one overlooking the Grand Canal. About five hundred square meters of a historical palace, divided into two floors, ground and first floor. And it’s on the first floor, enriched by paintings and plasters, that Lukasz’s attention was concentrated for this romantic wedding proposal. Nothing exaggeratedly grandiose. The young guy coming from abroad deeply studied the building. He could admire it getting there walking; then he kept his Venetian tour on towards the close and ancient Jewish ghetto. Later he also admired the palace from the water, the best perspective to be in perfect harmony with Venice.

From an island to another, the first owners of this palace came from Cyprus. This building, built in 1644 by the Venetian architect Giuseppe Sardi (1664-1699), student of Longhena, is characterised by a weird asymmetry, about which a lot of theories have been proposed. On the other hand, there are no doubts or uncertainties about the feelings that persuaded Lukasz to arrange such a surprise for his beloved one, taking her to an innocent ride on the lagoon and then proposing her to spend a whole life together.

The two lovers are coming. The organisation of the proposal is extremely accurate. Candles on the stairs. A wide path made up of white petals on the two sides and red petals in the middle. A violinist as a background music. At the end of this soft path, a huge red heart, made up of red petals, too. There is also a fireplace and some candles inside. At the end of the corridor, a little table with some flowers and two masks, a blue and a pink one. The masks are the eternal symbol of the Carnival of Venice but this is not a joke and Lukasz perfectly knows it.

After having taken his partner into this real fairy tale, he gently takes her hand and kneels: “will you marry me?” he asks innocently and in love. She accepts and offers her ring finger. A moment later they are already toasting and dancing with elegance and gracefulness. They stick out. Just half an hour ago their direction as a normal couple was to the internal part of the Cannaregio district, but now they are officially engaged and they happily admire the Grand Canal and the Ponte degli Scalzi.

They go back in. There are just two of them (three if you include the violinist), but here there could be about 200 people if they decided to do a wedding banquet. Who knows, that is a story still to be written. Lukasz and his future wife leave the historical Venetian palace and they start flirting with Venice. They walk and take pictures. They photograph each other. They try to imagine their future together. A new light is making its way in their soul. The blue sky is replaced by bright stars. As if they were happy parents, they look at this new love tale just come true.




Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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