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Wedding on a gondola in Venice – Ceremony on a gondola in Venice

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A wonderful wedding on a gondola, through the romantic canals of the lagoon a “Yes” for an everlasting love

A wedding story on a gondola. Magic aboard the magic. Charles and his better half Lily chose to marry in Venice and the ceremony was celebrated directly on a gondola. The sky is blue. Waves here and there. A few small traditional vessels and some steamboats. In the heart of St Mark's basin, two spouses aboard a gondola are ready to pronounce the fateful votes before all the romantic history of the Serenissima.

The wedding planners confirm it, the ancient maritime Republic is the perfect destination for lovers.  There are those who organize a romantic wedding proposal unbeknownst to the girlfriend, and others who, together with the better half, decide to live a symbolic wedding in Venice. This is the case of Charles, who decided not to lock his love in a palace but, in tune with the surrounding territory, screamed it to the world through the canals and the lagoon directly from a gondola.

A glance to the mainland and the Doge’s Palace behind them and the couple is ready to hop aboard and start a unique and precious ride on a gondola. They are both very elegant. Two young people with a shared desire. She wears a white veil behind long brunette hair and holds a bouquet in her hands. He wears a suit with a white rose in the buttonhole. Together with them, there is the gondolier, in long black pants and black and white striped t-shirt, and obviously the "white-dressed" officiant.

Another gondola passes under the bridge Ponte della Paglia carrying a couple of tourists. In love themselves, they cannot help being glad for what is happening just few meters further. The lady clings to her partner all excited... probably she’s thinking back to their wedding day, or maybe she has just had the inspiration on how to live their future wedding, during a gondola ride in Venice.

Charles and his beautiful bride move through the water of Venice. In spite of the moment, it is difficult to pay attention without looking around. It doesn't happen every day to admire this wonderful city "floating". Then it’s time to exchange the rings. According to many spouses, the excitement rises exponentially in that moment. It is the slight contact with whom will be the partner for a lifetime that makes everything so dreamy. There's delicacy and harmony. Sweetness and decision. The two are feeling the same emotion. It is feeling tenderly one close to the other.

Although it was a symbolic wedding, it comes the time of the signature. It’s more funny and less “prosaic”... notoriously the gondola is not the ideal place for writing. But it's okay even if it is not perfect. Charles and his charming lady are ready to get down to the shore and start to enjoy the city as husband and wife, admiring that bridge where they were protagonists of the ceremony and of their Love.




Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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