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Wedding anniversary in church in Venice- St.Mark's Basilica

Intimate and romantic ceremony in the side altar of St.Mark’s Basilica

 000 anniversary in venice italy ceremony in venice saint mark

Vows renewal, a wonderful day with the family in Venice


Religious wedding in Venice side altar Saint Mark’s Basilica

Religious ceremony for Nancy and Mark in front of the side altar of Saint Mark’s Basilica

000 ceremony in venice saint marks

Nancy and Mark from Canada to Italyforan unforgettable day with family and friends



Wedding anniversary in a palace in Venice – sumptuous Venetian palace

Intimate and romantic ceremony in a beautiful Venetian palace, the couple with their children on the anniversary of their wedding

000 renewal of vows palace venice


Vows renewal, a wonderful day in Venice



Wedding at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà in the Riviera del Brenta

The religious wedding in the church of San Nicolò in Padua, the reception at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà in the beautiful Riviera del Brenta

000 spouses at villa foscarini rossi strà


Wonderful religious wedding followed by the party at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Riviera del Brenta.


Wedding on a gondola in Venice – Ceremony on a gondola in Venice

000 wedding planner venice


A wonderful wedding on a gondola, through the romantic canals of the lagoon a “Yes” for an everlasting love


Tale of love in Venice, a Catholic wedding in San Moisè Church

Catholic wedding in the beautiful San Moisè Church, aperitif on a private terrace and dinner in a luxurious Venetian palace.

000 Catholic wedding San Moisè Church


A romantic religious ceremony in San Moisè Church, Venice was the framework of Daniela & Christoph ’s wedding


Wedding anniversary on a gondola, wedding vows renewal Venice

Wedding vows renewal ceremony on a gondola, Venice and its romantic canals

000 wedding anniversary in venice italy


Wedding vows renewal on a gondola, symbolic ceremony in Venice


Wedding in a palace in Venice – Luxurious Venetian palace

Intimate and romantic ceremony in a stunning Venetian palace, the couple with their children achieve their love dream in the city of Venice Italy

000 wedding in venice italy


Wonderful wedding in a palace, surrounded by frescoes, a magic atmosphere, the lifelong Yes


Wedding in Venice, the luxury of getting married on a terrace with a breathtaking view

A private unique terrace with a breathtaking view, that is the location chosen for Barbara & Drew’s wedding

000 private terrace venice


Barbara and Drew chose to fulfil their love dream in a unique location in Venezia: a private terrace in a very central area with a stunning view on Saint Mark’s Basin.


Religious ceremony in Saint Mark’s Basilica and wedding reception at the Palace

a romantic religious ceremony in the crypt of Saint Mark’s Basilica, a gondola ride and a joyful dinner in a Venetian Palace with a view on the Canal Grande. We will tell you Natalì and Davide’s wedding

000 religious wedding venice


From Saint Mark’s Basilica  for the ceremony to  a Venetian  Palace for the reception, an unforgettable wedding!


The romantic symbolic wedding of a Chinese couple in Venice

First the gondola, then a tour on the Grand Canal, finally the romantic symbolic wedding. It’s the sweet story of a Chinese couple in Venice.


000 symbolic wedding venice


Jill and Jing, a Chinese couple landed in Venice to live the dream of a romantic symbolic wedding. The dream has come true.


Hindu ceremony in Italy - Indian wedding of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani

Hindu ceremony and luxury Indian wedding celebration in Venice, Italy. Welcome to the magical marriage world of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani.

000 hindu wedding ceremony venice italy

Italy is increasingly the wedding destination for couples from around the world. Let’s travel in the Hindu ceremony and in the Indian wedding of Sanjay and Allyson Hiranandani.


Indian wedding in Venice, Italy - Welcome Cocktail for guests before the wedding day

Before the Indian wedding in Italy and after the mehndi event on the Island of Roses, it is now time for Allyson and Sanjay's Cocktail Welcome along with their guests.





Mehndi event in Italy before the Indian wedding

It is mehndi wind in the Italian Island of Rose, in Venice. Before the indian wedding in Italy, the bride with the other women have a colorful henna party.


Stroke by stroke, the mehndi event in the Island of Roses was a great prologue to the Indian wedding celebration in Italy , in the city of Venice .


Venice, ceremony in a secret garden and reception in an amazing Venetian palaces. The luxurious marriage of Laleh and Jeff.

First of all the wedding in the private garden of San Clemente, then the receipt in a palace in Venice. This is the luxurious marriage of Laleh and Jeff .


Venice is the love background of the sumptuous wedding of Jeff and Laleh, scanned from a secluded ceremony on the island of San Clemente to the reception in an old Venetian palace.

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