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Testimonials - 2011

Janet & Kevin

Venice, Italy

Religious Ceremony
7th May 2011



Hello Laura & Linda,

I just wanted to say a big "thank you" once again for helping me to organize a perfect wedding! It was a unique experience! I must admit that at first I was a bit hesitant to the idea of getting married in another country, but the choice to get married in Italy in Venice was unique! You helped us in every things and the choice of the location was fabulous.

You have organized so well all the services for the wedding. The wedding day was a relaxing day, full of emotions and I enjoyed every moment of that day!

Thanks again for all the availability, for all the answers to my questions ... even the most strange! You helped us in all, my best regards

Janet & Kevin




Theodor & Anjelik

Venice, Italy

Symbolic Ceremony
22nd May 2011



Hello Laura!

I honestly do not know how to express my gratitude for all your efforts in the field of marriage and honeymoon. Everything went so well, from the moment we arrived at the airport until we have left. Anjelik was so gorgeous and all my family and my friends spent a wonderful day. We are so happy for everything!

Overall, we were very lucky to meet and make such a unique experience in Italy and I would recommend your services to anyone in the future.

Thank you again! Thank you!

Theodor e Anjelik




Olga & Dimitri

Venice, Italy

Religious Ceremony - Orthodox Church
12d June 2011



Dear Linda,

we spent 10 unforgettable days in Venice!

We want to say to all future couples who are getting married in Italy that is everything like a dream ... the climate and landscape are magnificent! This moment was made even more special by your help ... the great attention to the needs of the bride and groom and to all the details of the wedding have made us very happy!

We live in the United States and organize a wedding alone when you so live is really impossible!

Linda listened to all our ideas and our requests...she remained in the budget and she has organized the whole wedding from beginning to end.

Thank you for your answer so quickly to all emails.

The agency service was very professional and efficient.

Our wedding was exactly as we wanted!

Thanks again for everything!

Your staff is amazing, we would recommend your Wedding Planner service to anyone!


Olga e Dimitri




Mike & Alice

Venice, Italy - Piazza San Marco

Wedding Proposal
30th June 2011



Looking on the web-site I discovered the site Brilliant Wedding Venice, I sent an e-mail and from then Linda and Laura made ​​me dream!

I had the opportunity to organize my proposal of marriage in Italy in Venice, a unique experience! I can say with certainty that without the help of Laura and her skills, a surprise so magnificent I would never be able to organize it.

She has all designed in every detail and my marriage proposal in Piazza San Marco in Venice was unique and unforgettable.

Thanks Laura!

Mike -Alice




Marcus & Alexia

Venice,Italy - Piazza San Marco

Wedding Proposal
10th September 2011



I wanted to thank you for everything! you have made a special moment… unique! I never imagined that I could excite me so much.

I would not be able to make my marriage proposal so unique and well-organized.

Thank you for everything! I just got some of the photos that you have made me, my family is so happy! We can not thank you enough!

Marcus & Alexia

Testimonials - 2012

Aneta & Stephen

Positano, Italy

Wedding anniversary
23rd September 2012


aneta stephen wedding

Hi Linda,

I am writing to thank you for a super day. I had no knowledge of the plans Aneta had made and boy was i surprised!

We had a few hours on a private boat and we went to a couple of secluded spots for a snorkel and then we went to a location south of Positano.

We were snorkelling then all of sudden I saw a white rock on the reef which caught my attention, the current was strong so it took a while to get there. My eyes are bad and at first I thought it was some king of memorial stone but when I got a bit closer It suddenly came into view.

It said I love you Stephen when I read that I looked at Aneta and I could see she was in on it it was out anniversary after all!

I tried to give here a kiss but unfortunately we were both wearing mask and snorkel. It was only when we got to the boat I gave her a kiss. but that wasn't it.

Just after losing my snorkel and mask on the boat we were greeted with home made sweets and a bottle of champagne.

We enjoyed out champagne during the trip back to positanp where we enjoyed driving past the villas of the rich and famous.

It was a wonderful surprise so romantic I just wanted to thank you from all my heart. My wife is always full of surprises and thats what I love about her and they get even more crazy every year, how she will beat that next year I have no idea but I am sure she will try!! Kind Regards and many thanks for organising such an amazing day!






Maria Grazia & Jurgen

Venice, Italy

Gondola wedding proposal
18th July 2012


mariagrazia jurgen

Hello Laura & Linda!

First we want to thank you for everything you have done for us, everything was as I had imagined.

You could not do better :) also the birthday surprise has been beautiful .. it is hard to describe with words ... a dream come true!! :) thanks for the letter was truly a beautiful thought ...

How are you? I hope that the work should be booming because you deserve it really!


Jurgen & Maria Grazia




Maria & Stephen

Venice, Italy

Wedding Venice, Religious Ceremony - Catholic Church
14th July 2012


maria stephen

Hi Linda!!!

How are you?! The wedding was absolutely amazing and we had the most perfect day.

We will remember these magical moments forever. Without your help we will never be able to organize the wedding ... we thank you so much.
If any of our friends will want to get married in Italy ... we will recommend your agency ... we were really so happy with your help!

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Maria & Stephen




Rosa & Francis

Venice, Italy - Piazza San Marco

Civil Ceremony in the Tawn Hall
2nd June 2012


rosa francis

“Laura and the all Brilliant Wedding Venice team, here in the UK and after in Italy made our dream wedding a reality in Venice! From the paperwork and the organization in the town hall, to the perfect search of the place for the reception .... they helped us in everything! their work, their friendliness and enthusiasm have made that our marriage has been a real success.

Laura, you made our wedding day so special!

Our families and friends were enthusiastic about the choice of the location, the food, wine and atmosphere. We would have no hesitation in recommending your wedding planners services to all our friends!

It truly was the best day of our life. "


Rosa & Francis




Alice & Thomas

Venice,Italy - Piazza San Marco

Wedding Proposal
19th May 2012



We can not thank Linda enough for the amazing job that she done for our wedding.

We must admit that, at first, we were not sure to entrust to a wedding planner, we knew that we needed help, but we did not know that spending was essential.Today, looking back, we can say with certainty thanks for everything! We are glad that we made this choice, our wedding was perfect thanks Brilliant Wedding Venice.

Linda, it was so nice to work with you throughout the planning of the wedding, your opinion is very important.

We appreciate all the work you have done during all the months before the wedding!
The day of our wedding you and your whole team did an amazing job, everything was great with a big attention to the detail. It was a relief to know that we had someone who could coordinate all, you took care of all the arrangements, so that Thomas and I were able to relax and prepare ourselves with our friends and family. We were so impressed with how professional and well managed has been throughout the entire day. Our wedding was fantastic!

Thanks for everything!
Alice & Thomas

Testimonials - 2013

Megan & Matteo

Venice, Italy

Wedding proposal, Gondola
22th December 2013


megan matteo wedding


Thank to you Linda and the Brilliant Wedding Venice team, Matteo could ask the hand of Magali in the most romantic city in the world. The surprise was extraordinary and Magali has given the fervent semi-unconscious “YES”'


Goodbye see you soon!





Dania & Christian

Venice, Italy

Catholic Wedding - Religious ceremony in the Basilica of St. Mark
14th September 2013


dania christian wedding


here I am sitting in my kitchen that I write these sentences to thank you for all the work done.
Is a couple of days that I'm thinking what to write ... they happened so many exciting moments that I will not leave anything out ...

From the beginning your help was precious, facilitating the organization of the whole wedding. Every week you told me updated on every detail, the feeling I had, was that Brilliant Wedding Venice agency very present at all times and during the wedding.

You've been very patient with my many questions and you've tried to answer as quickly as possible, giving me all the necessary information ... I appreciate this very much and I thank you very much for that!

We understand that you and all the staff of the agency love your job, you can see it from the care of every detail in every moment of the organization of the wedding.

The floral decorations were exactly what I wanted (and more). The recommended location, with this beautiful salon was perfect! I was also very glad of your makeup and hair stylist!

During the ceremony, the violinist, the arpist and the singer were magnificent .. real talent!

A special thanks also to the Basilica of San Marco and the priest who made us unite in marriage ... will always remain in our hearts.

These few sentences are certainly not a goodbye, but a see you soon!

Again from our hearts, thank you, thank you!

Lots of love,

Dania & Christian




Miho & Atsushi

Venice, Italy

Symbolic Ceremony
20th August 2013


miho atsushi wedding


Hi Laura and all the Wedding Brilliant Venice Staff!

This is our last evening in the beautiful city of Venice, and tomorrow we go home :-( 

Miho and I wanted to thank you so much for making our biggest day so fantastic! we will never forget this day... and it was a fantastic moment of our lives... from the preparation of the wedding the months before, talking about all the details, until the big day!!

I certainly recommend your agency to my friends, Laura you were very patient and sweet in all the steps of the organization of my marriage.

Now when I open the e-mail I don’t found your answers, I will miss this thing :)

I can not wait to see the photos and the wedding video, all my family and my friends are looking forward to see them ...
Once again thank you so much for everything you've done ... I will make you a good advertising in my country :)

With love Miho & Atsushi! Thanks Ciao Ciao!


Miho & Atsushi




Anna & Jordan

Venice, Italy

Symbolic Ceremony
13rd August 2013


anna jordan wedding

Dearest Laura,

Jordan and I arrived home last night and we are still very very emotional for all that we have lived in the beautiful city of Venice ... with all the people that we meet, we speak only about our wedding in this magical city!

It was a beautiful sunny day and everything was very well organized! Early in the morning came to my hotel your hair stylist I began preparing ... after arrived a gondola (I had never take a gondola before!) and brought me to the ceremony. The flowers (bouquet and boutonniere) was amazing!

The ceremony was truly memorable and it was very appreciated your suggestion to take a violinist during the ceremony… The violin has done the ceremony very intimate.

After the ceremony, the gondola ride, some photo to Piazza San Marco, and finally, the afternoon tea at Cafe Florian! It was fantastic!

A special thanks also to the photographer and video maker... were outstanding!

Thank you Laura for all your help the last few months... especially because you are able to plan and organize a wedding with foreign people in just three months ... alone we would not have ever done... Your help was fundamental (especially all your email that you sent me with all the wedding details) for the success of the all event.

The organization was excellent and very high level ...

Once again, thanks for everything



Anna & Jordan




Nanae & Kojo

Venice, Italy

Wedding Venice, Religious Ceremony - Catholic Church
6th June 2013


nanae kojo wedding

Hi Linda and Laura,

Nanae and I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for making our special day so magical, without your help it would not be possible!

A big thanks to your photographer ... the photos were a service that interested us a lot and we were so happy and satisfied.

It been a pleasure to know your staff, an Italians staff who love their job !!!

THANK YOU once again, we appreciated all your help.

You are amazing people Laura and Linda we will never forget you!!!!


Nanae e Kojo




Olga & Alessio

Venice, Italy - Piazza San Marco

Orthodox Wedding
13th May 2013


olga alessio wedding

I contacted Linda of the Brilliant Wedding Venice agency because I’m Russian nationality and my future husband is Italian.

My big dream was to get married in the church of San Giorgio dei Greci in Venice, but I didn’t know if my dream would be realized ...

I am of Orthodox religion while Alessio CatholicChristian ... I asked the priest of Chioggia (it is the city where we live near Venice) if it was possible to celebrate this marriage oftwo different religions, but the response was negative!

I was really very sad and I searched in internet a Wedding Planner agency in Venice (because our dream was to get married in Venice) and I found Brilliat Wedding Venice.

Sure that it was not possible to get married in a church, I still do an attempt, and I called Linda ... I was immediately reassured that it was possible to celebrate a Russian Orthodox wedding although my partner was Catholic, and she said me that it was possible to celebrate the ceremony at the San Giorgio dei Greci Church in Venice (Saint George of the Greeks).

The marriage could be a religious ceremony with civil value… I could not believe his words !! I was very happy about this news !!

Linda told me all the documentation to be prepared and in a very short time I had the approval by the church and also the town hall to celebrate the wedding!

The biggest problem has been solved with the help of Linda!

Immediately after we concentrated on the organization of the wedding ... the guests arrived to Venice by a big boat ... with music and good food ... all the people were so happy!

The ceremony was just like I was dreaming ... a Russian Orthodox wedding celebrated in one of the most beautiful churches in all Venice!

After the ceremony we went to a villa in the countryside of Padova... good food and lots of fun!

Thanks Linda for all the help that you gave us!


Olga & Alessio




Nadia & Francesco

Venice, Italy

Gondola wedding proposal
9th April 2013


nadia francesco wedding

Dear Linda and Laura we want to thank you for this unique and indescribable emotion that will remain forever in our hearts!

It 'great to be able to express their feelings in the city that more than any other is the symbol of love. Thanks to your professionalism and accuracy in organizing the event, the surprise for Nadia has been unforgettable and unique. It succeeded so well that is was stunned and completely without words, but with great joy that made her feel unique.

A big thank you to Linda that during the months prior to the proposal kept me up to date on all the preparation work in progress! Although we received only reciprocate with these few words, and with the certainty of being able to recommend to friends and acquaintances your help for the organization to any unique and unrepeatable events like the one we lived!

Thanks for everything!

Greetings Nadia & Francesco

Testimonials - 2014

Andrea & Zack

Venice, Italy

Wedding proposal on a gondola
27th September 2014


Foto Zack

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Event Planning in Venice

Venice, Italy

Company dinner
7th September 2014


Foto veneto 

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veneto linea vita





Samantha & Tom

Venice, Italy

Symbolic wedding in Venice
22nd July 2014


Foto Samantha


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Kathy & James

Venice, Italy

Civil wedding in Venice
12nd July 2014


Foto Kathy


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Myriam & Raphael

Venice, Italy

Catholic wedding in Venice
10th May 2014


Foto Myriam

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Myriam 2



Sicilia & Francisco

Venice, Italy

Romantic wedding proposal
31st March 2014


sicilia francesco wedding

Ciao Linda!!!

Tonight is our last night in Italy, we are back in Firenze and we were nostalgic all the day because we feel we are gonna miss everything so much. Now imagine ending a day like that with such a fantastic and wonderful video like the one you send? You almost killed us! What a perfect ending for our trip!!!

We think the video couldn t be better. It was perfect! We saw it 2 times and Sicilia cried in both! Once again we cant find the words to thank you for everything. We will never ever forget that! Thanks also to Laura, Alessandro, the girls of the music, the guys from the video and the photos (which, by the way, we loved sooo much). We would like very much to say give a big hug and say thank you for every one of you. Thank you!

Your job is simply wonderfull and we hope you keep doing that and making so many couples so happy as I and Sicilia are now.

Now I m suppose to finish this email because our flight will be in a few hours(otherwise I would stay here writing thank you all the night) but as soon we get in Brazil we will write you a message with more time.


Ti auguro una buona Pasqua!!
A presto,

F & S




Kate & Vitaly

Venice, Italy

Wedding proposal - Flash Mob Show
14th February 2014


kate vitaly wedding

I was very surprised ... I must say that the whole event was a dream come true in St. Mark’s Square... since it started with the ballet until the end with my original proposal !!

Kate could not be happier. It 'was a special day, unique and unforgettable.

Laura, your support was fundamental in all the phases of the organization. Thanks so much for everything


Kate & Vitaly




Testimonials - 2010

Lucia & Filippo

Oriago di Mira, Riviera del Brenta (Venice, Italy)

Religious Ceremony
24th July 2010


Filippo and I, realized that to plan a wedding when you\'ve not the help of mothers and sisters, because already we live together, is not easy. You can not keep up with it all by yourself (...).

I recommend everyone to get help from a good organizer of marriage she can help you during the preparation and during the all day of marriage, in my opinion is very very IMPORTANT.

A special thanks to Laura and Linda who made our day unforgettable!

Lucia e Filippo




Elis & Marc

Venice, Italy

Symbolic Ceremony
18th Settembre 2010



Dear Laura and Linda,

Thank you for organizing a unique wedding in Venice, it was a wonderful experience!

We choose one of your standard packages and we are very happy!

You have followed us at all steps of marriage.

See you soon,


Elis & Marc




Anne & Rob

Venice, Italy

Symbolic Ceremony
4th September 2010



Brilliant Wedding Venice, what can we say!

Every detail was exceptional, your help was precious! Thanks for all the assistance that you gave Laura and Linda.

Dear future couples, these girls have thought about everything! It has been easy to organize the wedding abroad and we were very happy.

The day was memorable and I thank you so much for the personal pleasures that we have done.

Thank you thank you thank you.


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