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Wedding Planner Venice
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Brilliant Wedding Venice

Memories of Love made in Venice (Getting Married in Venice)



Venice, one of the world’s most captivating cities renowned for its scenic beauty, historical elegance, and romantic allure is a lover’s paradise where memories will last a lifetime.

Brilliant Wedding Venice will help build those memories by working with your vision to create the perfect setting for your big day. With the beauty of Venice and our expertise in wedding and event planning, we will bring your vision to life. Every step of the way, we will help in the making of your ‘Brilliant Wedding’!

We deliver the highest quality in the organization of wedding planning, whether it be a Civil Religious, or Symbolic wedding, we have the perfect venues for you to choose from to suit your big day. You and your guests can enjoy the beauty of a traditional Venetian wedding palace set in style and elegance, or the tranquil courtyards and hidden gardens tucked away for a more intimate and romantic setting.

Let our premier wedding planning agency, Brilliant Wedding Venice, create a luxury wedding in Venice for you!


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Your Wedding in Venice


001 wedding venice italyCongratulations….And welcome to Venice!

There is no other place in the world where getting married and experiencing a romantic atmosphere and magic than in Venice.

Venice is full of art, culture, music and delightful food. The city is enchanting and its Italian traditions will make your wedding day unforgettable.

The intertwined canals, old bridges, and historic courtyards of Venice are an inimitable and unique scene. A perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Getting married is a beautiful and memorable event. Getting Married in Venice will add to that beauty, allowing you and your guests to capture an unforgettable moment.

You and your guests can soak in the fascinating and charismatic landmarks Venice has to offer; The Grand Canal, considered one of the most elegant waterways in the world, bustling with water taxis and private boats, will lead you to the soul of Venice.

002 terrace wedding veniceGondola’s gliding through the calm waters will lead you to the charming presence of Venice’s discreet side streets, home to quiet piazzas, unique gift shops, and relaxing courtyards where you can sit back and enjoy a glass of Prosecco with your loved ones. Other must see landmarks such as Ponte di Rialto, Basilica di San Marco, and The Doge’s Palace display the picturesque beauty and scenic history of Venice.

There is no other city in the world more romantic as Venice to host your big day. Whether you choose to marry in a 16th century Palace facing the Grand Canal and the Famous Rialto bridge, or taking a memorable gondola ride after your wedding while watching the captivating beauty of the sun fading into the Venetian lagoon. You will experience a lover’s paradise in this magical city.

Brilliant Wedding Venice has worked in some of the most elegant and charming venues. These include Palazzos, Hotels, Churches, Gardens and Restaurants that are situated in the most spectacular location of Venice.

Our Venice based wedding planners along with our team of professional staff will share with you their expertise in order to create a romantic and unique Venetian wedding. Whatever the size, style and budget, we are happy to assist in the design and coordination of ceremony, reception, and other related events. We organize Legal, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, all Protestant denominations, and symbolic ceremonies in the most Romantic city in the world.

We take pride in delivering you the best service from our first point of contact until your day is complete. We create your vision and perfect it with our skills. We are dedicated in giving you the perfect day and help with the perfect planning.



Ceremony Venues


003 brilliant wedding venicePalace (civil ceremonies)

If you are choosing to have a Civil ceremony, then the Palazzo Cavalli is the ideal venue. This 16th century palace building is situated in the heart of Venice close to the famous Rialto Bridge and overlooks the Grand Canal. Its location is perfect for guests to arrive by Gondola, public boat, or water taxi. Recommended Palaces licensed to host civil ceremonies in Venice include:

  • Sala Degli Stucchi at Ca' Farsetti: A 13th century palace facing the Grand Canal near the Rialto bridge.
  • Sala Cuoi d'Oro at Ca' Vendramin Calergi: A stately Renaissance Palace on the Grand Canal that also houses the Venice Casino and the Wagner Museum.


004 religious ceremony veniceChurch (religious and symbolic ceremonies)

The Churches of Venice are both religiously symbolic and historic with features of artistic structure and beauty that add to the uniqueness of Venice.

You will be able to choose the church which best represents you. Whether it’s a romantic or gothic style church, with a view of the lagoon or a more private building among calli (alleys) and campielli (yards), Brilliant Wedding Venice will provide you with the information needed to host your religious or symbolic church ceremony in one of the most beautiful churches in the city.

We assist in the following types of ceremonies:

  • Catholic ceremony
  • Orthodox ceremony
  • Protestant ceremony
  • Anglican ceremony
  • Jewish ceremony
  • Mixed ceremony
  • Buddhist ceremony (symbolic)
  • Other ceremonies


The symbolic wedding ceremony

005 get married veniceBrilliant Wedding Venice is pleased to offer you a unique and personalized service to satisfy your requests and make your dreams come true…

A symbolic wedding ceremony is one of the unique ways to show each other your love wherever you desire to, avoiding all the legal constraints.

What better way to celebrate your symbolic ceremony than in the most romantic city in the world.

If you have already legalized your marriage in your home country (or wish to be symbolically married without legalities), why not experience the magic moment with a personalized symbolic ceremony.

If you desire a private ceremony between the both of you, or a ceremony shared with your relatives and friends, Brilliant Wedding Venice will listen to your requests and suggest the best ways to make your wedding unforgettable.

Venice is full of enchanted venues that will make your symbolic wedding day extra special. Whether you choose to celebrate your wedding in a hall of an ancient palace, amidst the walls of a hidden garden or candle lit terrace facing out onto the Grand Canal, Venice never fails to impress.


The Gondola Wedding

006 gondola wedding veniceWhy not add something special….The wedding gondola, is an exciting and unique feature of Venice. As it is the only boat in the world easily maneuvered by one person holding one oar, is now the main symbol of Venice for millions of tourists.

What could be more exciting and romantic on your wedding day than a tour on board of a wonderful gondola through the charming canals of Venice!

In addition to enjoying a relaxed scenic ride through the lagoons while capturing the history, culture and astonishing architecture of Venice, you can discover the hidden corners of the city, places that words cannot describe but deserve to be shared with your loved one to make this day uniquely special and unforgettable.

The tradition of a Gondola Wedding includes hand selected decorations to suit your taste, and the gondoliers dressed in traditional white and gold livery. Why not try this wonderfully romantic opportunity riding through the beauty of Venice waters.



Reception Venues


007 wedding in venice italyHosting the Wedding Reception is a way to celebrate your new beginnings into married life. It is a way to celebrate with your loved ones and to say thank you to your guests. Therefore, it is important that here at Brilliant Wedding Venice, help to create the perfect reception setting with a reflection of happy memories, laughter and joy for you and your guests to enjoy.

Venice is host to a variety of wedding reception venues that range from exquisite water side palace hotels and banquette halls, intimate courtyards that light up as the sun sets, fabulous restaurants serving the best Italian cuisine and private terraces overlooking the calm waters of the grand canal. Whatever your size, style, or budget, Brilliant Wedding Venice will bring you the magic Venice has to offer.

We take pride in the different tastes and desires of each individual couple when it comes to choosing the perfect reception venue. We will happily assist you in choosing the right reception location and all the added features that will make it uniquely special. Brilliant Wedding Venice offers bespoke planning to help set the scene for your perfect celebration, whether it be a romantic Venetian palace lit up to display the backdrop of ancient frescoes, or a restaurant serving you and your guests the finest Venetian recipes, you and your guests will enjoy a celebration of unforgettable memories made in Venice.



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