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Laura Maggiolo
Founder & CEO

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Linda Bonaventura
Founder & CEO


1. LEADERSHIP - Every activity by Brilliant Wedding Venice, either simple or complex, isbased on leadership. We have to commit ourselves to drive people involved in the activities in order to meet our aims.

2. CREATIVITY - The context where we operate calls for creativity. A good Brilliant Wedding Planner has to bring less work back home, but bring more her personality to our workplace. This means nurturing more our creativity and let it express.

3. TESTING – Brilliant Wedding Venice has to test new solutions, make energy and heart free in order to make testing a routine, monitoring the results.

4. ENTHUSIASM - If we always do the same things, we’ll risk to believe we are able to do them very well. So Brilliant Wedding Planner has to keep enthusiasm alive, since we can’t obtain any result without enthusiasm. We have to work better in order not to lose it.

5. YOUTH - We risk to change from too young people who have to stay aside, to too old people who lose their inputs to renovate. We have to understand how to take advantage of opportunities in order to exploit young people’s innovative and entrepreneurial energy, giving them the right freedom to operate.

6. CULTURE - We believe our staff has to reinforce its role of cultural reference point. Today the world needs examples from the real life and contents. The wedding has always represented every couple’s dream which has to become an unforgettable reality, full of culture and meaning.

7. KNOWLEDGE - We have entered an era dominated by the knowledge economy. The quantity and quality of work are no more measured in hours, but in value and applied know-how. Brilliant Wedding Venice has to adapt its way of measure performance to this new vision.

8. CHANGE - If we always do the same thing, we can’t expect things to change! But if changing becomes a routine, we ‘ll have to strengthen our reference points, our scientific methods and our vision of the future. Woe betide us if we either change everything or remain still.