Wedding Planner Venice

Dreamy Jewish wedding on the rooftop terrace of the Gritti Palace in Venice

The beautiful love story of a sweet couple getting married in Venice at the Gritti Palace

Wedding in Venice on the Gritti Palace's private terrace

If you had to imagine an extremely elegant and pure wedding in Venice how would you picture it?


Getting married at the luxury Aman in Venice, Italy

Planning a luxury wedding in Venice? The Aman Venice Hotel is the perfect place for you.

Luxury wedding Aman Hotel in Venice

There’s a place in Venice that can actually make you feel a real princess: the Aman Venice Hotel.


Palazzo Contarini Polignac: a Romantic wedding in Venice Italy

Two worlds melted together in a wedding at Palazzo Contarini Poligac, in Venice.

Wedding in Venice at Palazzo Contarini Polignac

Giulia and Gabriel got married in Venice at Palazzo Contarini Polignac on a sunny day of June. She’s from Italy, he’s from Libano, two different worlds connected by the strong love of these two beautiful guys. 


Delicious Italian wedding dinner in a Venetian palace

A taste of Italy at Hovanes and Mariam’s wedding in Venice

000 delicious italian wedding dinner copia

Choosing Italian food for your wedding dinner is always a good idea or at least, Hovanes and Mariam thought so and we couldn't agree more.


Splendid wedding dinner on a beautiful rooftop terrace in Venice Italy

The perfect ending for a fabulous wedding: a wedding dinner on a rooftop terrace

Wedding dinner on a terrace in Venice

The sky was so blue that day and the sun was shining above the lagoon while we were adjusting the last few things for the symbolic wedding we were about to host on that beautiful terrace with a splendid view of Venice.


Fabulous wedding in Venice: Aman Venice and The Gritti Palace

Anita and Stuart’s luxurious wedding in Venice, at the Aman Venice and The Gritti Palace

Fabulous Wedding in Venice

Anita and Stuart are a couple who came to us with a precise request: they wanted a fabulous wedding, and when they said “fabulous” they really meant it.


Dream wedding in Venice countryside inside the beautiful Villa Foscarini Rossi

Brittany and Eric’s dream wedding, a dream marriage in the Veneto countryside.

Dream wedding in the Venice countryside

Brittany and Eric’s marriage was a real dream wedding in Venice.



The romantic wedding between China and Italy, in a secret garden in Venice

The fabulous love story among Jenny and Davide, a bond between two countries.

Wedding in a secret garden in Venice

For Jenny and Davide that day of July started really early in the morning.


Intimate wedding in Venice, on a luxury panoramic terrace facing St. Mark’s Basin

The romantic love story of an Argentinean couple, who got married in Venice with an intimate but beautiful and touching wedding.

intimate wedding venice luxury panoramic terrace

Ivone and Juan wanted an intimate wedding in Venice to celebrate their love with a few guests, just those friends and relatives they most care about.  


The story of the most luxurious Armenian Wedding in Venice

A luxurious Venetian venue, an incredible wedding dress and an everlasting love: this is the story of the most sumptuous Armenian Wedding in Venice.

000 armenian wedding venice

A fairytale becoming real: Marina and Viken’s Armenian wedding in Venice, a story of true love.  


Orthodox wedding in Venice: an incredibly romantic ceremony

The beautiful Nelea and Edward’s fairytale Orthodox wedding in Venice

2000 orthodox wedding venice

Organizing an Orthodox wedding in Venice is always so touching that we previously know we’ll cry for sure during the ceremony.


A touching civil wedding in the Venice town hall

The moving story of Alexandra and Michael's civil wedding at the town hall of Venice.

Alexandra Michael 1130 600

It's always a pleasure working with a sweet couple like Alexandra and Michael. They live in Germany, but they decided to get married in Venice with a civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli


Catholic wedding ceremony at Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church followed by the celebrations at Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice

Religious wedding at Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church, reception Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice

laura marco


Kiara and Connor's touching catholic wedding in the crypt of St. Mark's Basilica

A moved catholic wedding in the tiny and ancient crypt of St. Mark’s Basilica.

Kiara Berry 1130 600

Kiara and Connor's had a dream: to celebrate their Catholic wedding in St. Mark's Basilica, Venice.


Religious wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the Greeks

Before the religious ceremony in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the Greeks, then a gondola ride and a sumptuous dinner. It is the wedding fairy tale of Dasha and Seth.

Dasha Seth 1130 600

Love and devotion. From the Big Apple to the lagoon, Dasha and Seth landed in Venice to say “I do” in front of  God, in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the Greeks.

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