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A touching civil wedding in the Venice town hall

The moving story of Alexandra and Michael's civil wedding at the town hall of Venice.

000 civil wedding venice town hall

It's always a pleasure working with a sweet couple like Alexandra and Michael. They live in Germany, but they decided to get married in Venice with a civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli


Kiara and Connor's touching catholic wedding in the crypt of St. Mark's Basilica

A moved catholic wedding in the tiny and ancient crypt of St. Mark’s Basilica.

000 catholic wedding st marks crypt

Kiara and Connor's had a dream: to celebrate their Catholic wedding in St. Mark's Basilica, Venice.


Religious wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the Greeks

Before the religious ceremony in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the Greeks, then a gondola ride and a sumptuous dinner. It is the wedding fairy tale of Dasha and Seth.


Love and devotion. From the Big Apple to the lagoon, Dasha and Seth landed in Venice to say “I do” in front of  God, in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the Greeks.


Wedding in Venice, the luxury of getting married on a terrace with a breathtaking view

A private unique terrace with a breathtaking view, that is the location chosen for Barbara & Drew’s wedding

000 private terrace venice


Barbara and Drew chose to fulfil their love dream in a unique location in Venezia: a private terrace in a very central area with a stunning view on Saint Mark’s Basin.


Hindu ceremony in Italy - Indian wedding of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani

Hindu ceremony and luxury Indian wedding celebration in Venice, Italy. Welcome to the magical marriage world of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani.

000 hindu wedding ceremony venice italy

Italy is increasingly the wedding destination for couples from around the world. Let’s travel in the Hindu ceremony and in the Indian wedding of Sanjay and Allyson Hiranandani.


Tale of love in Venice, a Catholic wedding in San Moisè Church

Catholic wedding in the beautiful San Moisè Church, aperitif on a private terrace and dinner in a luxurious Venetian palace.

000 Catholic wedding San Moisè Church


A romantic religious ceremony in San Moisè Church, Venice was the framework of Daniela & Christoph ’s wedding


Armenian Wedding at San Lazzaro degli Armeni in Venice Italy

Religious Armenian Wedding Ceremony in San Lazzaro degli Armeni Island, Venice.

000 Armenian Wedding Venice

Venice, the romantic Armenian wedding of Srbuhi and Vahe


Wedding reception in Venice on a terrace with a beautiful view on the Grand Canal

Civil wedding and wedding dinner on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal.

000 wedding dinner on a terrace in Venice

Wedding dinner overlooking the Grand Canal, celebrating with family and friends


Wedding on a terrace with magnificent view of Saint Mark's basin Venice Italy

Intimate and romantic ceremony on a terrace with panoramic view of Venice

000 symbolic wedding venice italy

Wedding ceremony for Sara and Sean in Venice, marvellous terrace with breathtaking view of the island of San Giorgio and Giudecca, view of Venice from above, the ideal setting to swear eternal love.


Dream wedding for Isabella and Markus at the Hotel Danieli in Venice.

Civil marriage and wedding dinner on the terrace of the Hotel Danieli in Venice

000 civil wedding Venice

Dream wedding for Isabella and Markus with dinner on a beautiful terrace overlooking the lagoon


Wedding anniversary in church in Venice- St.Mark's Basilica

Intimate and romantic ceremony in the side altar of St.Mark’s Basilica

 000 anniversary in venice italy ceremony in venice saint mark

Vows renewal, a wonderful day with the family in Venice


Religious wedding in Venice side altar Saint Mark’s Basilica

Religious ceremony for Nancy and Mark in front of the side altar of Saint Mark’s Basilica

000 ceremony in venice saint marks

Nancy and Mark from Canada to Italyforan unforgettable day with family and friends



Wedding anniversary in a palace in Venice – sumptuous Venetian palace

Intimate and romantic ceremony in a beautiful Venetian palace, the couple with their children on the anniversary of their wedding

000 renewal of vows palace venice


Vows renewal, a wonderful day in Venice



Wedding at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà in the Riviera del Brenta

The religious wedding in the church of San Nicolò in Padua, the reception at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà in the beautiful Riviera del Brenta

000 spouses at villa foscarini rossi strà


Wonderful religious wedding followed by the party at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Riviera del Brenta.


Wedding on a gondola in Venice – Ceremony on a gondola in Venice

000 wedding planner venice


A wonderful wedding on a gondola, through the romantic canals of the lagoon a “Yes” for an everlasting love

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