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A touching civil wedding in the Venice town hall

The moving story of Alexandra and Michael's civil wedding at the town hall of Venice.

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It's always a pleasure working with a sweet couple like Alexandra and Michael. They live in Germany, but they decided to get married in Venice with a civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

Since the very beginning, organizing Alexandra and Michael's civil wedding in Venice was a real pleasure, painted with a tone of pink.

Everything, from the decorations inside the Town Hall to the bottles of prosecco for the reception, was pink and gold, like in a fairy tale.

Alexandra and Michael's civil wedding in Venice

Alexandra and Michael woke up that morning of June, with a bit of anxiety mixed with happiness.

At 8 am, Alexandra was sitting in her room, waiting for our make-up artist and our hair stylist to make her perfect for her future husband.

After more than two hours, she was ready to dress up. She had chosen a simple and elegant white wedding dress, with glittering lace top, right down her shoulders.

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Before descending the stairs and reaching Michael in the hall of the Venetian palace where they were hosted, Alexandra had some time to spend with her bridesmaids and seeing her pink bouquet for the first time.

She almost cried when she took it out of its box. It was made by peonies, roses, spray roses and greenery.

Michael, adjusting his tie in front of the mirror in his room, was thinking about the moment when he finally would have seen Alexandra wearing the white dress, coming down from the first floor.

Once he was down in the palace hall, he couldn't stop smiling at the idea that he was about to marry the women of his life. Actually, she was right behind him, thrilling.

She came down the stairs and tapped his shoulder.  Michael's eyes were full of love and admiration for Alexandra, who was shining behind her pink bouquet.

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003 civil wedding venice town hall

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Together with their family, our tender couple reached Palazzo Cavalli, with a water taxi. The most important day of their life had just begun, and it was starting with the breeze of the Venetian lagoon, blessing them.

The wedding ceremony was accompanied by a harp and a great tenor, who sang three songs: They can play Caruso, Nessun Dorma, O Sole Mio.

005 civil wedding venice town hall

006 civil wedding venice town hall

At the end of the ceremony, all the family waited for the just-married couple out of the main door of the palace, ready to celebrate them with some rice and poppers.

While the guests were reaching the wedding venue - that we are going to reveal soon - Alexandra and Michael had some time to take some pictures and have a walk till St. Mark's Square.

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013 civil wedding venice town hall


Wedding lunch at one of the most beautiful venues in Venice

The terrace of Hotel Danieli has a point, not only because it belongs to one of the oldest and luxury hotels of the city, but primarily because of the view you have from there, above St. Mark's basin.

Alexandra, Michael, and all their guests took their place at the table. The wedding lunch started with a delicious portion of spinach ravioli with fresh tomatoes. After that, a veal medallion with vegetable ratatouille and sweet peppers sauce prepared their stomachs for a delicate traditional Venetian cake: the Tiramisu.

Everything was accompanied by the right choice of white and red wines.

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Romantic gondola ride among Venice canals and dinner in a green paradise

What can be better than a romantic gondola ride after lunch? Alexandra and Michael took a private gondola we booked in advance, only for them. They were rocked by the black boat, conducted by a skillful and careful gondolier.

After getting back to the hotel where they were staying for having some rest before the great end, we brought our couple and their guest to discover Venice with a private water taxi tour.

You can't say you know Venice if you don't experience it from the water.

008 civil wedding venice town hall

012 civil wedding venice town hall

The dinner would have been served in the private garden of San Clemente Kempinski, on San Clemente Island.

Beef carpaccio with mustard, lemon, slices of Parmigiano and rocket salad, an asparagus risotto with a golden sphere of scallops were just two of the courses they had for dinner; you can imagine how delicious was all the rest.

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017 civil wedding venice town hall

016 civil wedding venice town hall

After a slice of millefoglie pastry with red fruits and a sip of peach sorbet, an incredible wedding cake appeared. It was a white chocolate creamy mousse with a red fruits jelly and sponge cake.

A show of white fireworks started, around our beautiful couple, enlightening the night and their passionate love.

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