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Amazing wedding proposal in Venice with fireworks

Sarukan’s wedding proposal in Venice, surrounded by fireworks and red heart-shaped balloons.

wedding proposal venice with fireworks

Have you ever thought about proposing to your better half in Venice, on a private terrace, surrounded by thousands of fireworks?

Actually, Sarukan has been thinking about that moment with his beautiful Sivapiriya, for a long time.  

Sarukan and Sivapiriya are a young and sweet couple, with the so-called "joie de vivre" in their eyes.

We fell in love with them and their love story as soon as Sarukan wrote us an email, asking us to organize an unforgettable setting for his wedding proposal in Venice.

He clearly made us understand that his desire was surprising her with a small firework display, possibly in a great location.

We did our researches, and this is what we organized for him.

Wedding proposal in Venice with fireworks

March 17.

It was a sunny and warm day in Venice, even if spring had still to come.

Holding their hands, Sarukan and Sivapiriya arrived in Venice in the evening, when the sun was about to close its eyes and go to sleep.

An elegant motorboat was waiting for them at the dock, to bring them to one of the most beautiful private islands in St. Mark's basin, for dinner.

002 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

We booked a table for them at the hotel's restaurant for dinner. But before it, a romantic aperitif was waiting for them, outside the building, near the swimming pool.

Sivapiriya was thrilled and impressed, seeing all that fashion and care around her. She was in Venice, with her better half, in a beautiful place with a perfect atmosphere... what else could she ask for?

Sarukan was looking at her with a tender gaze, imagine how she would have reacted to his wedding proposal on that private terrace we prepared for them.

He was sure that everything would have been exactly as he had thought it.

Right after dinner, they had been told that coffees and digestives would have been served outside on the terrace.

Sivapiriya seemed not to be surprised at first, but she changed her expression once she saw the candles, enlightening the corridor, until the terrace entrance.

Once she stepped into the corridor, their favorite song started.

012 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

The notes of "All of Me" by John Legend accompanied their steps until they found the door to the terrace.

Here, we prepared a comfortable sofa, where they could sit, and created a pleasant atmosphere with candles and a flute of prosecco.

Sarukan couldn't wait any longer. He kneeled down, in front of her, and took out a little blue box from one of his pockets.

019 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

Sivapiriya brought her hands to her mouth. She clearly wasn't expecting to live an evening like that.

Among smiles and tears of happiness, Sarukan finally asked his so-awaited question: "Will you marry me, Sivapiriya?".

We are sure even the photographer got touched by this moment. Sivapiriya was so happy that she could barely stop crying.

Her "yes" was strong and secure, even if her tears suffocated it.

A crown of fireworks exploded on the terrace, enlightening the night, while they kissed each other tenderly.

023 wedding proposal venice with fireworks


026 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

Laughs took the place of tears, right after Sivapiriya wore that beautiful engagement ring.

She couldn't believe her beloved Sarukan had organized all that for her.

Sarukan, on his hand, was visibly touched. His Sivapiriya had just said "yes" to his wedding proposal in Venice, among fireworks and stars.

030 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

This city is, for sure, the best silent witness you could desire for your wedding proposal to be perfect.

But this is not the end of the story.

Once they set down on the sofa, we launched a bunch of red heart-shaped balloons to the dark, to symbolically spread their love above the city and the lagoon. A toast with a delicious prosecco and a delicate piece of cake complete a perfect romantic night.

035 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

046 wedding proposal venice with fireworks

We have to be honest with you. This is one of the most amazing wedding proposals in Venice with fireworks, we have ever attended.

Love is an extraordinary feeling, especially if it's as pure as the one this couple feels for each other.  

We are so lucky and honored to have taken part in this memorable event and make these two guys "happily ever after".

Organizing wedding proposals in Venice is not just a job for us, but a mission. We are trying to accomplish it every day, making you live one of the best moments of your life.

Ph: Laure Jacquemin

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