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Beach wedding in Jesolo: get married on the beach in Italy

The marriage and the wedding day on the beach in Jesolo and around Venice.

Yvonne Mark

When the couple asked us to organize their beach wedding in Venice, the first place that came up to our mind was Jesolo.

Jesolo in a seaside town in the Metropolitan city of Venice, and it's one of the few beaches near Venice where it's possible to celebrate a wedding ceremony.

Yvonne and Mark wanted to get married in Venice with a civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli, and to seal their love on the beach with a great party. We did our best to organize an incredible day for them and their guest, from the ceremony to the DJ set on the beach.

Civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

Yvonne was dressing up in her room and adjusting the very last details of her white dress and hairstyle.

The white voile was fixed on her head, and all her bridesmaids were ready to accompany the bride in the most beautiful day of her life.

Taking some pictures before getting to the Palazzo Cavalli, the picturesque town hall of Venice, was mandatory.

The palace where Yvonne was getting ready for her wedding had a typical Venetian rooftop terrace, called "altana". The view from this place is something that makes you speechless.

The domes of St. Mark's Basilica and its tower bell seemed to give their blessing to Yvonne, under a clear and blue sky.

Yvonne got Palazzo Cavalli with a motorboat, together with all her bridesmaids.

Finally, the moment had arrived. Yvonne was about to join her beloved Mark, to celebrate their love in one of the most characteristic palaces in Venice.

Aperitif under Rialto bridge and tour of the Grand Canal

After the touching civil celebration at Palazzo Cavalli, Mark and Yvonne riched the place where we had organized a rich aperitif near Rialto bridge on a gondola.

We thought to give some space to the just-married couple, letting them see Venice from a unique point of view: from the water.

The gondola traveled along the Grand Canal, showing the different and original facades of the Venetian palaces facing the canal.

After a long and cheerful aperitif, the motorboat we booked for them was ready to take everyone on board and bring them to Jesolo.

Dinner in a seafront restaurant in Jesolo

The sun was making everything even more colorful and bright along the way when the motorboat left Venice to cross the Lagoon.

Jesolo beach, as we said before, is one of the few beaches where you can celebrate your beach wedding, but it also a special place where to close the most important day of your life, surrounded by the sea and a beautiful sunset.

Once at the seafront restaurant, everything was ready to start a spectacular dinner.

The two seats dedicated to the bride and the groom were decorated with two little small gifts and a tiny blackboard with their names on it.

Ten different types of snacks of meat and mixed fish were arranged on the tables.

A dish of ravioli with ricotta and spinach, cooked with pink pepper and butter, was the first course to be served.

The second course was a seabass filet with a vegetable caponata and some roasted potatoes.

To end in style, the dinner closed with a delicious sorbet, a coffee, and some fresh fruit.

After dinner, the Dj set was ready to make all the guest dance on the sand.

A romantic hand-in-hand walk along the seaside concluded a day made of love and happiness. The harmonious sound of the sea crashing on the sandy beach accompanied Yvonne and Mark's first steps in their life together.

They sealed their love in one of the fascinating cities in the world, and the end their wedding-day on a beach while the sun was going to sleep.

It was nice to see a couple like Yvonne and Mark smiling each other, having fun with their friends on the beach and starting their lives with serenity and lightheartedness.

We always wish the best to the couples we organize the wedding for, but especially in this case, we are so sure their relationship will be as full of love and admiration as it was on this day.

Their eyes were saying it more than their mouth, but you can tell yourself having a look at the following pictures.

Ph: Laurè Jacquemin