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Dream wedding for Isabella and Markus at the Hotel Danieli in Venice.

Civil marriage and wedding dinner on the terrace of the Hotel Danieli in Venice

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Dream wedding for Isabella and Markus with dinner on a beautiful terrace overlooking the lagoon

Isabella and Markus celebrated their wedding at the Hotel Danieli in Venice. After getting married in a civil ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli, guests and spouses returned to the Hotel Danieli where they were staying to enjoy an aperitif and an unforgettable wedding dinner on the terrace overlooking the lagoon at nighttime. Can you ask for more at a wedding? They imagined this day and the dream became reality. Isabella and Markus chose Venice to join their lives. Every corner of this city is a sign of history. Every corner of their memories from this day forward is Venice.

Venice is full of life. Pigeons with the belly already full from the early morning. Mums constantly controlling their kids, at last free to run without the danger of being run over by the cars. There is a lot of work in the hall of the hotels, small Babels of hospitality. Crucial hubs to known the city of Venice. The Hotel Danieli is a truly unique site. Those who stayed there can't forget it, Jonny Depp included, whose character of The Tourist (2010, by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck) stayed right there.

The spouses are getting ready. Shoes. Makeup. Clothes. A sniff of the bouquet and a look at the view from the window. The sun is warm over the blue lagoon. Not everyone wants to celebrate the wedding reception at the Hotel Danieli in Venice. Isabella and Markus want it and it’s happening right now. While coming down the stairs, Markus looks at her, more in love than ever before. It's not a kid but his heart is beating fast. That's the beauty of love. This is the splendour of love. They both smile. They smile, and smile again because they cannot do otherwise.

The couple goes out and here comes another one of the most anticipated moments. The tour on the gondola. Isabella takes a white umbrella to shelter from the sun, like a real lady of the old Venetian aristocracy. Gondoliers in the rigorous bridal uniform in white and a guitarist on board to cheer the couple. The gondola crosses the Grand Canal, then goes through the city. The passage under the bridges arouses the curiosity of tourists above them. The couple arrives at Palazzo Cavalli, where the civil ceremony is held.

Time seems to fly and everything goes on serenely.  Markus puts the ring on Isabella’s finger and vice versa. Friends and family are applauding, some of them are very young. The two spouses are allowed a few dance steps alongside the Grand Canal. As they go out, the usual shower of white petals and rice. The gondola is waiting for them. This time they themselves become part of the scenery photographed: by taxis and vaporetti, a married couple on a gondola always has its appeal.

The gondola passes below the impressive wooden Ponte dell’Accademia, then in front of the imposing Palladian Basilica della Salute and finally arriving in Saint Mark's basin. The Hotel Danieli is there and the wedding dinner on the terrace awaits but, as two real stars, they decide to take a little time on their own. An aperitif, a mask and then they dance in one of the most famous squares in the world. The inimitable Caffè Florian is perfect for the first tasty coffee of the new spouses. They will remember every single moment thanks to the flawless photo shoot.

After a further aperitif under the Rialto Bridge with the guests, it’s time for the wedding dinner on the terrace of the Hotel Danieli. A true fairy tale. Appetizer of scallops au gratin with dill served on sioncino. First, one of the most famous and delicious local recipes: risotto with peppers, followed by some delicious lobster cannelloni and smoked scamorza cheese with cream of aubergine. Then thread of San Pietro fish alla mediterranea with capers, tomatoes, black olives and spinach salad with balsamic vinegar. To lighten up a little, a fresh lemon sorbet followed by fillet of beef with foie gras and truffle sauce with potato crassé. In the end, a soft two-storey wedding cake.

Time flies. Venice and the night, sparks of magic. Children play, Markus and Isabella dance. They still have a lot to tell. They still have a lot to love, the one next to the other. They are the last ones to leave the room. They are the last ones to give the good night to the world. Isabella and Markus are the last ones to look into their eyes and simply said, "I love you and I will always love you".


Ph: Andrea Lacchin