Wedding Planner Venice

Dream wedding in Venice countryside inside the beautiful Villa Foscarini Rossi

Brittany and Eric’s dream wedding, a dream marriage in the Veneto countryside.

Dream wedding in the Venice countryside

Brittany and Eric’s marriage was a real dream wedding in Venice.


Did you know that the Veneto region in Italy is full of ancient and marvelous villas? They were built by Venetian nobles, who used to spend their summer in the countryside, taking some rest from their business in town.

Even if there are hundreds of villas in Veneto, Brittany and Eric specifically wanted one near Mirano, a small town in the Venetian countryside, because Eric’s great-great-grandfather frescoed the main church there.

Both Brittany and Eric came to Venice from Colorado, where they live, with this touching dream of getting married in a place that means a lot to Eric’s family.

But they also wanted to celebrate their union in a unique wedding venue, surrounded by nature and amazing architecture. The answer for us was quite obvious: Villa Foscarini Rossi.

Villa Foscarini Rossi is a 17th-century mansion, with an incredible garden outside and frescoed rooms inside that celebrates the important role of the Foscarini family in the Serenissima Republic.

A dream wedding in the Venice countryside

While their guests were getting ready in the two villas we arranged for them, Brittany and Eric were adjusting the last few things before seeing each other in the garden.

In fact, they decided to meet there before the ceremony because they wanted to exchange their wedding vows. Back to back, holding their hands, they read the words the other wrote about their deep love. It was an incredibly moving moment for them, and for our photographer too!


Dream wedding in the Venice countryside

Dream wedding in the Venice countryside


Brittany was wearing a simple but elegant white wedding dress, and Eric was looking good in its suit too. The church was ready to welcome them with bunches of white gypsophila and pink roses, while the frescoed ceiling above them, painted by Eric’s great-great-grandfather, seemed to bless their love with its colors.

The Catholic ceremony was intense, full of emotions and happy tears, as we imagined it.

Brittany and Eric were visibly happy and touched right outside the church, and after a couple of pictures with their families, it was time for the guests to reach Villa Foscarini and for the just-married couple to go to Villa Pisani for the photoshoot.

Dream wedding in the Venice countryside


Wedding reception at Villa Foscarini Rossi

When we said that Brittany and Eric’s wedding was a dream wedding we meant it for real. Villa Pisani is the most iconic villa in the whole Veneto region, it’s the place where Napoleon itself spent a period of its life and where you can get lost in a labyrinth if you don’t know how to find your way out of it.

It’s like love, with a small difference: if you really love someone, you’ll be happy to be lost in her/his labyrinth. And both our espouse were happy of it, we could tell it from their wet and tender gazes.

After the photo shoot, we had organized a rich aperitif in Villa Foscarini Rossi garden, offering a wide range of options in terms of food and drinks.

We also arranged a buffet of appetizers in the garden, but we would have served the rest of the dinner in the main and amazingly frescoed room of the villa.



Dream wedding in the Venice countryside


How was the atmosphere? Hard not to say that it wasn’t magical because it was like living a fairytale.

But let’s have a look at the menu we served for dinner, as the icing on the cake:

First course

Fresh tagliatelle with prawns and lobster

A risotto with Castelmagno, julienne zucchini, and pumpkin flowers

Second course

Beef filet with rosemary and thyme accompanied with roasted potatoes, gratiné tomatoes, and some Eggplant Parmesan.  

Pinapple sorbet with coffee powder

Last but not least, the cake-cutting moment. We had a great idea for it: we filled the garden with candles and lanterns, creating a very romantic setting and atmosphere.

Then they came out to cut the cake, with all the people they care about, looking into their smiling eyes and silently promising to themselves a bright future together.

And after this gazes full of unsaid words, like in a movie, a fireworks display started, coloring the dark sky of the night.

And so, Brittany and Eric’s dream wedding in Venice ended with a long, tender kiss.