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engagement and wedding proposal at palace in Venice Italy

Ertug chose to organize the wedding proposal at palace Venice Italy

000 historic palace proposal in venice

The most original wedding proposal at palace, Erutg gives the ring to his partner in a dream setting.

A meeting became a desire. A passion became deep intimacy. A moment turned into eternity. History repeats itself, but it is never the same. A woman and a man met. They kept meeting again and again until that moment when they realized they just wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Ertug thought about it and he had no doubts.  To celebrate properly their engagement with wedding proposal at palace Venice was the perfect place. So they did it. The impeccable organization Brilliant Wedding Venice helped the future groom in every detail.

Not only feelings: the ideas need facts and actions, sometimes reckless and romantic actions. Love calls to action. Love needs courage.  Ertug imagined his proposal in Venice in a very romantic frame. Petals, candles, music... like many Cupid's arrows.

Venice, 2017. Many tourists in the museums and along the Grand Canal. Ertug arrived in the ancient Venice very excited. His beloved doesn't know anything about his idea. She’s still not aware that soon a historic palace in Venice will become the most magically realistic theatre with a great surprise for her. Ertug tries to behave as it was just a normal vacation, despite the fear of being discovered. But it’s a part of the surprise, the engagement is not for cowards.

Everything is ready. The two lovebirds are enjoying Venice and its fabulous channels. Art, culture and tastes. They are beautiful and elegant. Erutg invites his sweet girlfriend for a romantic drink in a palace. Time to go inside, surrounded by the the evocative beauty of the setting, and here it is, that gesture of incredible love. He kneels. Before him there is the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. He gave her the ring. She gladly accepts.

Art has always accompanied, the music is perfect thanks to the violinist. Red petals well arranged in the wide hall. Inexplicable emotions. The dream came true. Now all that they have always wanted is no longer a desire or a fantasy but a lifelong commitment. Ertug proposed. A historic palace in Venice was the perfect frame. A romantic wedding proposal, another triumph of love.

There is a time for the first approaches, half-stories, then relationships and first kisses. But then the journey brings to that fateful day. There are two unforgettable moments: the moment of the first kiss and the moment when the heart realizes it doesn’t want other lips than those in front of it. Ertug understood it, or rather he felt it, and so he came here, in the lagoon, to say yes to his heart.

Now they are holding their hands. They hug each other. They can't let the other go. They don't want to. They are together and they will be together for their entire lives. They enjoy the view of the Grand Canal. This is not the first time they admire it since their arrival in Venice. They were on the Rialto Bridge, but now it is different. Until a few moments ago Ertug and his lovely girlfriend were just one of the many couples along the streets and squares of Venice, but now, after a romantic wedding proposal at palace, they are ready to become husband and wife.

Now piazza San Marco is all for Ertug and his beautiful lady. They look at each other. They touch their soul. The sacred art of the imposing Basilica admires them. This ancient art has already seen promises of any sort. Today, in 2017, the embrace of these two lovers is the most beautiful present humanity can pass on to all the generations to come. A man and a woman love each other. This is life. Life should always be like this.


Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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