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Engagement in a palace in Venice Italy

Robin chose to ask his girlfriend for her hand in a palace in the magical city of Venice in Italy

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Rebeca arrives at palace knowing that there she has to meet his Robin, but soon she realizes that an unforgettable surprise is waiting for her.

Robin and Rebeca, from the heart of the American continent. Robin and Rebeca left from El Salvador for an unforgettable holiday in Venice. They crossed an ocean to reach a city thousands of miles away... that means this journey has to be unique and special for them. Expectation. Curiosity. Venice, its lagoon and its gondolas. A desire to walk and enjoy every little step in this city. From the shadows of historic buildings they go inside a Venetian palace where Robin organized a wedding proposal. He’s ready to propose to his sweet Rebeca. The story is ready to start. Romanticism triumphs.

Proposing in Venice is a dream, like in a movie or soap opera. Everyone who don't live in this city, at least once dreamed about it. Sometimes dreams come true. Someone turns them into reality and with the complicity of an excellent organization, here is a palace ready for a magic moment. The history of art is the perfect frame, everything is ready. The atmosphere is even better thanks to classical music in the background. A big heart made with petals of roses adorns the floor. A large candelabrum with three red candles stands in the middle of the table.

Robin put no limits to expenses and imagination. Seizing the spirit of the times of the Serenissima, to celebrate properly their engagement in Venice he asked a pair of masks for him and his partner, as they go into the palace. The music infuses further harmony, with the harp and the violin. Robin and Rebeca are talking, very close to each other. Then the man finally kneels and shows her the ring. No hesitation. Robin stands up and embraces Rebeca, his future bride.

Radiant and beautiful, Rebeca tidies her hair and dries the tears of emotion. She looks at the ring, still in the case. A bit of incredulity and a boundless happiness. She embraces her future husband again, kissing him and feeling closer than ever before. This is their moment. This is their story. This is a romantic wedding proposal in Venice starring Robin and Rebeca. A delicate female harp and a decisive male violin. Robin invites Rebeca to dance.

There they are, two young people who said yes to eternal love. Too often we focus on everything wrong with the world. But not today. Not before this sweet couple who have chosen to live their lives together. And no matter the difficulties that one day they will meet. Today all the glimpses of the Serenissima await them. Today the gulls in the sky narrate their wedding proposal in a palace in Venice. Today all the sculptures overlooking the Grand Canal are whispering about Rebeca and Robin. Today, in the canals through the city, the fishes greet the two lovers who came here from Central America.

The proposal was made. The summit was conquered. Now they can enjoy the view without worries. Now they can relax and enjoy the view, with a classic Venetian aperitif. Dressed in a perfect mix of casual and refined elegance, Robin and Rebeca sit at the table and start to taste local specialities. Even cooking is an art and when there is a commitment to marriage, even the dishes and flavours have to be perfect. The two sweethearts go out. Rebeca holds in her hands a bouquet of roses.

Venice, sun, what else? Something is missing. The gondola. Time to reach the dock and they are on board. The day is shining. A small kayak competes with steamers and gondolas. The gondolier moves gracefully. The main waterway and then smaller canals, beloved by artists, Venetians and tourists. Hand holding tight. Lips touching with lovely intensity. Even when Rebeca’s gaze is lost in wonder, Robin kisses her head. On the foundations of palaces and houses, resting on stilts for centuries, the smell of algae is mixed with silence and the sea air.  

The return is in Piazza San Marco. The story of the engagement already seems a distant memory. They look at each other with determination and joy. Procuratie Vecchie. Procuratie Nuove. A greeting in front of the Doge's Palace and then a private taxi to reach the nearby island of St. George. In front of them there is the wind and Venice. All around them, an atmosphere that will be hard to tell in words. Like in the movie La La Land, like Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) with Mia (Emma Stone), so Robin is twirling his Rebeca around. Ciak, love triumphs.



Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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