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Engagement in a palace in Venice, the perfect setting for a wedding proposal

Engagement in a palace, Venice is the ideal setting for an unforgettable wedding proposal

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Venice, the magic and the history of the city, the engagement in a palace with candles and roses, a dream day for a special couple

Venice is the perfect setting for a wedding proposal. Dave chose a palace in the most poetic city in the world to ask for the hand of his beautiful girlfriend. The lights are for those who want to see, the candles are for those who want to feel. Dave had already in mind his idea of a romantic wedding proposal. Some details could even be overlooked, but not her. And the perfect amphitheatre for her: Venice. That city that, from that day on, has remained imperishable in their memory.

The ancient maritime Republic is not an easy city to get around and sometimes even Google Maps is unable to disentangle between streets and alleyways. But Dave relied on the wedding agency Brilliant Venice to organize his engagement in Venice, and so an entire historic building was made available for his proposal. A building easy to get to, just a few minutes' walk from Santa Lucia station, with the entrance located in the wide and windy Campo di San Geremia. The wind is almost a supernatural presence, like the spirit of love.

The palace is directly overlooking the Grand Canal and the author of such a great architectural magnificence is the Venetian architect Giuseppe Sardi. The disciple of Longhena is also famous for the façades of the churches of Santa Maria del Giglio and Santa Maria dei Carmini. Like all the Venetian palaces, once inside there is the ground floor called "fondaco" with a staircase to go up to the noble floor, called "portego”, decorated with Baroque frescoes .

At the top, something completely unexpected. On the ground there is a long carpet of petals, and certainly not in a random order, but they indicate a direction and then turn into a precise form. A huge heart made up with petals and candles, while a violinist and a singer enliven the fabulous atmosphere. A full-blown wedding proposal at palace. At this point he just has to kneel down and show her the engagement ring, waiting for the fateful “yes” and her "princely" finger ring. The woman is excited and tenderly embraces his Dave, they kiss and finally they toast to their love.

She still can't believe it. Her heart is still beating fast. She looks around to collect every tiny detail of the moment. Her partner is there for her and he will be with her forever. They go down the same steps that she recently climbed up, still unaware of the magic of the moment. The water of the Grand Canal laps the base of the palace. To the right there is the high bridge Ponte degli Scalzi, to the left the entire Venetian main waterway. The palaces, the buildings. It is natural to imagine their thoughts, "who knows how to live in this wonderful city."

A new story in the Serenissima. Inside a palace a new wedding proposal took place. This was the day of the engagement of Dave and his partner, in Venice. The lights of the candles now went out. The memory of this sacred rite is still there, wave after wave. Eternity shines on the ring and even more on their promises.




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