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Fabulous wedding in Venice: Aman Venice and The Gritti Palace

Anita and Stuart’s luxurious wedding in Venice, at the Aman Venice and The Gritti Palace

Fabulous Wedding in Venice

Anita and Stuart are a couple who came to us with a precise request: they wanted a fabulous wedding, and when they said “fabulous” they really meant it.

Anita is from Poland and Stuart from the UK and they choose Venice as the city where to celebrate their eternal love, together with their families and friends.

To organize a fabulous wedding you need a fabulous location, this is why we choose the Aman Venice Hotel, the only 7-star hotel in Venice, hosted inside the sixteenth-century Palazzo Papadopoli.

As the name suggests the hotel is facing the Grand Canal and it’s probably the most elegant and luxury palace in the city, that’s why we wanted Anita to get ready and wear her beautiful and princely wedding dress in one of its rooms.

She was silent, focused and thrilled. That day had finally arrived, she was about to marry the man of her life, who was waiting for her in a splendid frescoed ballroom in another Venetian palace, near there.


Fabulous wedding in Venice


Anita’s wedding dress was hanged on a marble fireplace, ornated with floral decorations, under a golden and blue ceiling. This palace is amazing, with all the frescoes and the majestic marble staircase, it seems to step into a magic sumptuous world we only have known through books. It belonged to a noble family from Bergamo, who became part of the Venetian aristocracy in the XVI century, and it was built by Giangiacomo de Grigis also from Bergamo.

Any bride in the world should have the chance to wear the wedding dress here and feel like a real princess for one day.


Fabulous wedding in Venice


The wedding table flower decorations

We arranged everything for the wedding ceremony in a frescoed and wide room of another Venetian palace, preparing a floral arch with white flowers. We also put two big bunches of white flowers at the beginning of the wedding path, right in front of the arch.

The whole room was a triumph of gold and shining white.

We made 5 rows of gold chairs on each side of the path, tying a white bouquet on each internal chair to accompany the bride to the arch.

This room is accessible from a massive and impressive marble staircase, that we ornated with some candles and petals on each step.

When Anita came, she really looked like a real princess marrying her Prince Charming, in a splendid a sumptuous palace, embraced by the music of a piano and a violin.  

It’s a fairytale and we were lucky to be there and see it becoming real.


Fabulous wedding in Venice


The wedding lunch on the The Gritti Palace Terrace

The Gritti Terrace is located right in from of the Santa Maria della Salute Church, situated on the other side of the Grand Canal. The view from here is excellent, you can see St. Mark’s basin on your left and the immensity of the Grand Canal with its ancient gothic and baroque palaces facing the water, on your right. We organized the terrace with four round tables and one L-shaped table for the bride, the groom, their parents, Stuart’s best man, and Anita’s maid of honor.


Fabulous wedding in Venice


We positioned three high floral compositions on the just-married couple’s table, together with many smaller floral compositions also on all the other tables. All bunches of flowers were composed of white and pink roses in full harmony with the white and gold theme of the wedding.

Here’s the menu we planned for them, including a vegetarian menu too.

The Meat Menu

Culatello of zibello with ewe’s milk cheese tart and grilled vegetables
Black Truffle Risotto with froth parmesan
Veal Medallions on Potato Tart, Sauternes wine sauce and green apple vegetables bouquet
Tiramisu with strawberry sauce and chocolate pearls

The Fish Menu

Vegetable timbale with Monsanto cheese, basil sauce, and buffalo mozzarella
Home-made tagliolini pasta with lime-scented spider-crab, chives, and caviar
Herb-flavoured Sea Bass filet with oyster cream, baby spinach sautéed with toasted almonds
Meringue with Passion Fruit and pineapple cream with chocolate cream
Wedding Cake

Fabulous wedding in Venice


After lunch, like at the end of any love story, as the prince and a princess get their coach to live the party and start their lives together, a boat provided by the Aman Venice took them away for a romantic ride in the Venetian lagoon and the photo shoot of their wedding day.