Wedding Planner Venice

Get married in Venice aboard the Wedding Gondola

Elegant. Decorated. As a doge. In Venice, the Wedding Gondola is a real feather in the cap, available for the newly married.


The gondoliers in livery, the celebrant and the violinist. In the middle of the gondola for marriage, there are the two lucky newlyweds, in the watery heart of Venice.

The Romance of Venice. The glow reflected on the waters of the Grand Canal. And then it comes, the gondola for marriage. A dream come true. Venice would not be the same if there were no more gondolas to cut through its waters. But even between these inimitable boats  there is someone that that stands out more than others. Someone that can be used exclusively on certain occasions. It is the Wedding Gondola, created to celebrate wedding events (or anniversaries), and also available to carry around the couple, such as accompany the future wife in church or in the city hall, and also for the photo after the ceremony. Launched in 2002, it was built in the shipyard " Tramontin & sons", the oldest of Venice, dated 1884, located in the Dorsoduro district. It is enough to say that among their clients there were also the royal Savoy, to give confirmation of the undoubted mastery. And perhaps it was this inspiration to give the idea, years later, to build a ship looking regal: precisely the Wedding Gondola, that offers an additional magic to the newlyweds who chose the city of Venice as a celebration theater of their love.

Entering into the technical details of this boat, there are things that can really fascinate you, starting from the whole wooden structure, built almost a century ago by Master Barassutti with original features. Some of these belonged to an ancient and noble Venetian family. Adding further glory there are cimieri and pusioi decorations, made ​​with the technique of 24-carat gold leaf. On board of this authentic floating salon there is space for up to six persons: the copule, the celebrant, the accompanying violinist and the two gondoliers in white and gold livery. Sometimes the "driver" is just one, supported by a gondolier guitarist in typical Venetian costume: red and white striped shirt and straw hat. To the two lucky ones is given the opportunity to choose the color of the gondola: all gold, gold and red or all red. A decision which will also affect the oars, matching the famous lagoon boat.

There is no a given and specific path. Obviously, the couple decide the itinerary or, possibly, they can relay on experts wedding rowers. One thing is certain: whether you decide to celebrate the wedding through the entire Grand Canal, making even a side trip to the nearby island of San Giorgio, or celebrate it simply going through one of the many internal channels, it is certain that who will have the honor of sit on the throne of love, will have even the feeling to be back in the times of the Serenissima, in the shoes of Doge and Dogaressa. Inevitable are the floral arrangements on the body of the gondola. You can decide for the classic orange blossom or, alternatively, you can focus on something more personal like sunflowers. See in action one of these flower is almost breathtaking. Today, in the third millennium, there are not only palaces and churches to get married in Venice. There is also the Wedding Gondola. The best way to begin the journey into the romantic and boundless lagoon of feelings.