Wedding Planner Venice

Intimate wedding in Venice, on a luxury panoramic terrace facing St. Mark’s Basin

The romantic love story of an Argentinean couple, who got married in Venice with an intimate but beautiful and touching wedding.

intimate wedding venice luxury panoramic terrace

Ivone and Juan wanted an intimate wedding in Venice to celebrate their love with a few guests, just those friends and relatives they most care about.  

They came from Argentina to make their dream of a small wedding in Venice on a luxury panoramic terrace come true and we were happy to be part of this extremely romantic event.

One of the best period to get married in Venice is in summer since the warm temperatures let the bride and the groom celebrate their wedding in the open air and we did so for Ivone and Juan.


The Ivone and Juan’s intimate wedding in Venice, on a luxury panoramic terrace

That day of July the sun was shining in the sky and the colors of Venice were brighter than ever.

Ivone was ready to put her white dress on and let the make-up artist make her ready for her special day.

She seemed so calm, but her eyes couldn’t hide that normal anxiety every bride feels before taking the plunge.

Juan, instead, was visibly nervous. While he was waiting for her to descend the stairs of the famous and luxury hotel Danieli, he couldn’t stop looking at his watch.

Ivone was ready to go downstairs. She had one more look at his pink and purple bouquet, then she stopped on the stairs for a minute, realizing that she was actually getting married in a few hours with the love of her life.

They had their first look at Hotel Danieli, where they took some pictures before reaching the secret garden for the symbolic ceremony.


intimate wedding venice luxury panoramic terrace

intimate wedding venice luxury panoramic terrace


A taxi brought them to this heaven and hidden place, facing the Grand Canal, where everything was ready to welcome them.

There are several secret gardens in Venice where to celebrate a luxury wedding, even bigger than the one they chose, but this perfectly fitted with their idea of intimate marriage.  

And so, as the Doge used to marry the Venetian lagoon throwing a ring into its water as a symbol of the eternal union between Venice and the sea, Ivone and Juan promised their everlasting love for each other.

After the ceremony, a wedding gondola - which is even more spectacular than a regular one - took them for a ride until St. Mark’s Square to take some more picture of the two of them.

intimate wedding Venice luxury panoramic terrace


Then a taxi brought them to San Giorgio Maggiore island and to some other iconic places in Venice like the Madonna della Salute church to make some more photos of their intimate but luxurious wedding in this one-of-a-kind city.


The reception on a terrace with a view and the final wedding party on a galleon

While the just-married couple was around Venice for their photo shoot, we went back to the Hotel Daniel to make sure that everything was perfect for their arrival.

The luxury panoramic terrace of the Danieli hotel faces St. Marks basin and creates the perfect atmosphere for an intimate wedding like this.

We prepared the table with an elegant black satin tablecloth and decorated the mise en place with golden candle holders, putting a white and gold mask on each golden plate and we created beautiful centerpieces with bunches of pink and purple flowers.

intimate wedding Venice luxury panoramic terrace


The dinner started with an aperitif and continued with a delicious plate of lukewarm local bay shrimps served with polenta, a risotto with fresh vegetables, a gratinated fillet of sole and salmon flavored with Prosecco wine.

The second course was a rib of lamb with thyme, served with Duchesse potatoes and vegetables in season. A fresh fruit salad with vanilla ice cream and a coffee ended the dinner, but not the party.

In fact, the best is yet to come. A real galleon was waiting for the married couple and their guests to raise the anchor and let the wedding party start.


intimate wedding Venice luxury panoramic terrace


We so Ivone and Juan smiling all day, despite the anxiety and the thoughts that an important day like this may cause, and we left them starting their new life as a married couple with a tear of happiness on our face, seeing the galleon take its way in that Venetian night, full of starts.