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Delicious Italian wedding dinner in a Venetian palace

A taste of Italy at Hovanes and Mariam’s wedding in Venice

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Choosing Italian food for your wedding dinner is always a good idea or at least, Hovanes and Mariam thought so and we couldn't agree more.

Hovanes and Mariam are an Armenian couple who called us to organize their fabulous wedding in Venice and one of their requests was having a typical Italian wedding dinner for their guests. 

On that day of June, the sky was clear and illuminated by a stunning sun. Mariam looked beautiful in her simple but very elegant wedding dress and when she stepped into Saint Lazarus of the Armenians Church - on an island of the Venetian lagoon - everyone could tell that she was one of the most beautiful brides ever. 

She was like a queen, not only because of the crown she was wearing but for her posture. 

On the other hand, Hovanes was thrilled to finally see her walking to the altar to marry him. 

She was carrying a white and pink bouquet, with the same kinds of flowers we used to decorate the table for the wedding dinner, inside a magnificent Venetian palace. 


Wedding table decorations: a triumph of white and pink 

There are many ways to decorate a table for a wedding dinner or lunch, but the secret for choosing the perfect flowers, the right charger plates and all that comes with it, is knowing the couple who’s getting married. 

Mariam and Hovanes are two exquisite people, with a classy taste, that’s why we thought about decorating the table with soft color flowers, the same she had in her wedding bouquet. We also put a couple of high transparent vases on the table, holding two bunches of white and pink roses.

These two colors and a touch of gold ruled the wedding theme, in fact, we set the table with pink cloth napkins, gold cutlery and Chiavari chair, and gold border charger plates.


001 delicious italian wedding dinner


The Italian wedding menu we arrange for Hovanes and Mariam’s reception

As we said, Italian food is always a good choice for a wedding lunch or dinner. 

Before dinner, the fifteen guests invited could wait for the just-married couple to enter the incredible room, where the dinner would have been served, with a glass of Bellini, Valdobbiadene Prosecco or a non-alcoholic Roses cocktail, together with a selection of appetizers. There were canapées with feta, green apple, and roasted almonds, scallop with cream of minty courgettes, shrimp with mango and ginger tartare, goose speck (smoked ham) with cucumber and lime and Burrata (fresh cheese) with Datterini tomatoes.


002 delicious italian wedding dinner


When the dinner was about to start, we served a composition of one salmon steak with thyme sauce and one tuna steak with sesame brittle and soy mayonnaise.

Then, according to Hovanes and Mariam’s requests, we positioned several other courses in the middle of the table. There were salads with shrimps and artichokes, Caprese salads, veal carpaccios, beef tartare and some salmon and smoked swordfish. 

Then the dinner continued with two other dishes: a duck leg with raspberries sauce, served with Pilaf rice and a beef filet, cooked with Amarone sauce and vegetables.

To conclude the dinner, we put some dishes of typical Italian cheese right in the middle of the table, then a selection of mixed fresh fruits such as papayas, kiwis, pineapples, and bananas. 

The wedding dinner ended with a glass of lemon sorbet, which is always good to drink before eating the wedding cake, an Italian coffee, and some traditional Venetian biscuits. 

According to what Hovanes and Mariam wrote on Instagram about us, it seems like we made a great work also this time. We are so happy to have had the honor of organizing their wedding and give them the day they dreamt.