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Dreamy Jewish wedding on the rooftop terrace of the Gritti Palace in Venice

The beautiful love story of a sweet couple getting married in Venice at the Gritti Palace

Wedding in Venice on the Gritti Palace's private terrace

If you had to imagine an extremely elegant and pure wedding in Venice how would you picture it?

This is the question we asked ourselves when Vlad and Valerya, a young Russian couple, contacted us to organize the wedding of their dreams. 

They are famous in Germany, where they live, which is why we won’t show you any pictures of them in this article, but we would like to tell you the story if their fabulous Jewish wedding on one of the most luxury terrace in Venice, anyway. 

The Gritti Palace's Redentore Terrazza suite is one of the most spacious and impressive terraces facing the Grand Canal, the perfect place to celebrate their wedding with style and a high level of privacy, without renouncing to a splendid view above Venice. 

According to Vlad and Valerya’s requests, we arrange the one-of-a-kind rooftop terrace to host a real Chuppah ceremony, even if the wedding would have been only symbolic. 


Wedding in Venice on the private terrace at Gritti Palace


What is the Chuppah ceremony?

Chuppa is the Jewish word for “canopy” and, in Jewish wedding ceremonies, represents the marriage home and the Garden of Eden. The four poles holding the Chuppah symbolize the four rivers described in the Bible, that surrounded the garden.

After the celebration, the bride and the groom will leave the canopy to make the first step as husband and wife into the world and start a new life together. 

Under the Chuppah, two other traditional gestures are performed during the Jewish wedding ceremony: the wine blessing and the glass breaking. 

The former is a symbol of how the bride and the groom will share many experiences together and probably they won’t taste the same for both of them, but the important thing is remembering their commitment to each other and face life holding their hands. 

The latter represents a reminder: the promise you take here, under the Chuppah, will be permanent and irrevocable. Any marriage can be as fragile as glass, that’s why the newlyweds have to take deep care of it, every day. 


Wedding in Venice on the private terrace at Gritti Palace


How this touching wedding day on the Redentore Terrace took place

Vlad and Valerya wanted their guests to have a good time, that’s why we arrange a small aperitif right before the wedding ceremony on the terrace. 

We decorated the terrace of Palazzo Gritti with white flowers, creating a white path surrounded by white flowers too, to let the bride walk to the altar as a real princess. 

Valerya arrived at the terrace through the private lift that takes to the Redentore suites, which gives direct access to the Redentore Terrace. 


Wedding in Venice on the private terrace at Gritti Palace


The Chuppah was adorned with white flowers as well as the transparent balustrades. Everything was like in a dream. 

Valerya arrived at 5 pm, with her beautiful dress and visibly moved. Vlad was so excited and thrilled that it was like he saw Valerya for the first time. 

Their love was tangible and pure as the flowers we chose for them. 

Right after the ceremony, the just-married couple went away on the wedding gondola for the traditional photo shoot, while the guests had another aperitif on the terrace waiting for the dinner at the Club del Doge restaurant. 


Wedding in Venice on the private terrace at Gritti Palace


The restaurant has a private terrace too, which we arrange for the wedding with white table centerpieces and table clothes. The Church of Madonna della Salute that you see from the rooftop terrace is now closer, could you imagine having your wedding dinner with this incredible view?

Vlad and Valerya came back from their gondola tour with a taxi, then a fabulous party started on the rooftop terrace right after dinner. 

It was one of the most touching weddings we have ever organized. Surely being on one of the most luxurious panoramic terraces in Venice played an important role in the ceremony, but the love of this beautiful couple was all over the city and we could literally breathe it.