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Kiara and Connor's touching catholic wedding in the crypt of St. Mark's Basilica

A moved catholic wedding in the tiny and ancient crypt of St. Mark’s Basilica.

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Kiara and Connor's had a dream: to celebrate their Catholic wedding in St. Mark's Basilica, Venice.

They had imagined their marriage in Venice in details, but not knowing the city, they needed some help to organize everything.

An intimate religious celebration in the crypt of St Mark's Basilica, with a few guests, is what they wanted and we were happy to find the right way to make them live their perfect wedding day.

The crypt of St. Mark's Basilica

Right below the presbytery and the golden beauties of St. Mark's Basilica, there's a hidden crypt, which is what remained of the previous building.

St. Mark's crypt is a solemn place. Here, the time seems not to pass and the atmosphere reminds of the ancient glorious past of the Serenissima Republic.

Organizing a religious wedding here is always exciting for us, mainly because it's a place where all emotions get amplified.

Catholic wedding in St. Mark's Basilica between Kiara and Connor

Kiara was beautiful in her white lace sleeveless dress.

She was nervous, waiting for the driver to come and pick her and her parents with a motorboat, to get to St. Mark's Basilica.

001 catholic wedding st marks crypt

The sun was shining in that sky of mid-September, brightening Kiara's face, and the temperature was perfect to have a boat ride until St. Mark's Square.

After a couple of photos, Kaira and her parents jumped in the motorboat. Venice by water is something that leaves you speechless all the time.  

002 catholic wedding st marks crypt

Once entered in St. Mark's Basin, the most iconic palace of Venice was wishing Kiara to enjoy that day at its best.

Connor was waiting for her inside the crypt, happy and impatient to see her stepping in.  

A harp and a violin were playing Canone di Pachelbel to welcome Connor. Kiara, instead, would have been accompanied by the notes of Bach's Prelude in c.

012 catholic wedding st marks crypt

003 catholic wedding st marks crypt

004 catholic wedding st marks crypt

All the twenty guests had sat down, anxious to attend that memorable moment. 

Kiara finally stepped in, with her pink bouquet of roses in hands.

The Catholic wedding ceremony in St. Mark's Crypt could start. "Fratello Sole" by Ortolani accompanied the exchange of rings.

Kiara and Connor's deep feeling was filling up all the crypt, together with the emotions of their guests.

005 catholic wedding st marks crypt

The ceremony ended with Schubert's Ave Maria as the soundtrack for the signing of the Register and an incredible Aria on the fourth chord accompanied Kiara and Connor out of the chapel.

Reception in a typical Venetian Palace after Kiara and Connor's religious wedding

While the guests were reaching the Venetian Palace where we had organized a precious wedding dinner, our married and happy couple took some time for the traditional wedding photo shooting.

006 catholic wedding st marks crypt

The day was perfect, the weather too.

Kiara was radiant. She was happy like never before ad Connor was looking at her with a touching enamored gaze.

They had fun taking a few pictures with St. Giorgio Maggiore behind them. This is certainly a moment they won't forget!

007 catholic wedding st marks crypt

Time to start the wedding dinner..

All the guest had already made themselves at home, with a glass of prosecco in their hands to toast the couple as soon as they stepped in.

Prosecco wasn't the only option for the aperitif, there were Bellini cocktail, Spritz cocktail, and non-alcoholic cocktails too.

008 catholic wedding st marks crypt

Once everyone took its place, the appetizers started to come out.

Small cheese ramequins, small fried ham and cheese toasts, fried vegetables, vegetable croquettes and many, many other delicious canapes were served to prepare the stomach for the main course.

A ,Parmigiano cheese mousse flan with artichokes sauce and right after, a home-made cannelloni filled with ricotta cheese and spinaches with chopped tomatoes sauce arrived on the table, surprising all the guests.

Then a beef fillet with black pepper sauce and Pantelleria capers, together with season vegetables put a smile on everyone's face.

The wedding cake arrived, with another glass of prosecco, after a break, where everyone could sip a nice and hot Italian coffee and eat a couple of friandises.

009 catholic wedding st marks crypt

Finally alone, after a great wedding party and a moving Catholic ceremony in St. Mark's crypt.

It was a day full of emotions and laughs.

Kiara and Connor saw their dream of getting married in Venice coming true, surrounded by their families and the beauties of one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world: Venice.

Ph: Laurè Jacquemin