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Getting married at the luxury Aman in Venice, Italy

Planning a luxury wedding in Venice? The Aman Venice Hotel is the perfect place for you.

Luxury wedding Aman Hotel in Venice

There’s a place in Venice that can actually make you feel a real princess: the Aman Venice Hotel.

Probably you’ve already heard about it since it’s the location George Clooney and his wife chose for their wedding in Venice. It’s a sumptuous palace facing the Grande Canal, located in the hear of Venice and built in 1550. 

Organizing a luxury wedding at the Aman Venice is something you can’t easily tell with a few words since the palace is breathtaking and the emotions you feel when you’re surrounded by its enchanting frescoes are indescribable. 


Luxury wedding Aman Hotel in Venice


A virtual tour inside the amazing Aman Venice 

In order to choose the right venues for your wedding in Venice, you should visit the locations first, but taking a flight to Italy isn’t always possible especially if you live on the other side of the ocean. Here’s why we thought to take you to a virtual tour of the Aman Venice, through our words and pictures, to see how this one-of-a-kind palace is organized. 

Let’s start with the first noble floor. It was redecorated in 1864 by the famous designer Michangelo Guggenheim and includes the grandiose Ballroom. The whole room is adorned with frescoes and white plasters, and it's enlightened by elegant golden chandeliers.


Luxury wedding Aman Hotel in Venice


The Yellow Room leads directly off the Ballroom and it’s characterized by silk wall coverings, marble fireplace, and a bespoke chandelier. 

If you want a private but sophisticated wedding party this is the place we suggest doing it, in fact, we can arrange a table that can accommodate up to 30 guests and live harp can create the perfect atmosphere. 

Staying on the noble floor, there’s another beautiful room right off the Ballroom decorated with Cesare Rottas’ frescoes and silk wall coverings. It’s the Blue Room. 

On the first noble floor, there’s also a bar, called Red Bar, with a spectacular view on the Grand Canal. 

It’s a place you can’t imagine in your dreams. When we saw it for the first time we couldn’t find the words to describe this place to our guests, but as you can see pictures can give you an idea of what this mansion is for real, even though once you’ll see it in person, it will astonish you anyway. 


Luxury wedding Aman Hotel in Venice


What we can do for your wedding at the Aman Venice

There are many things we can arrange for you on your special day, here at the Aman Venice. For example, we can organize your arrival at the hotel through a typical wedding gondola or on a private taxi boat. 

The impressive staircase will accompany the bride to the Ballroom, where when can arrange everything for the wedding ceremony, but if you prefer a more intimate celebration we can prepare the Tiepolo room on the second floor for you, which is perfect for small symbolic weddings. This room has a terrific view on the Grand Canal and it’s called so because its ceiling fresco was made by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo himself. 


Luxury wedding Aman Hotel in Venice


On the other hand, if you’re planning a big wedding we can also prepare the Grand Canal Garden for an open-air wedding ceremony. 

If you really want to make your day fabulous, we can also book the whole building for a day, only for you and your guests. 

Isn’t it actually the place of your dreams?


Ph: Laure Jacquemin