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Orthodox wedding in Venice: an incredibly romantic ceremony

The beautiful Nelea and Edward’s fairytale Orthodox wedding in Venice

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Organizing an Orthodox wedding in Venice is always so touching that we previously know we’ll cry for sure during the ceremony.

Nelea and Edward came from Miami to Venice to celebrate their love with their closest friends and relatives and we were thrilled to be the ones who had to arrange everything for them.


Nelea and Edward’s orthodox wedding in Venice at San Giorgio dei Greci church

The white lace wedding dress was hanging out of the closet of Nelea’s room.

The sun was knocking at the window, saying that it was time to wake up and prepare for the most important day of her life.

In another room, Edward woke up too, realizing that, that day will be their day.

The hairdresser and the make-up artist were already there at the palace where the almost-married couple spent the night.

It was really time to start living that special day, that started with the view of St. George island out of the window and a smile on both Nelea and Edward’s faces.

Once she put the wedding dress on, the butterflies in her stomach started to fly and on her face, a tier of happiness went down on her cheeks.

That was the moment she had to meet Edward in the hall and walk on the road of their life together as a married couple.

Edward was unexpectedly relaxed.

He was smiling while waiting for her downstairs, but he was so sure she was the one, that he couldn’t be happier to marry her in Venice.

Nelea finally came down and she was the most beautiful thing Edward had ever seen. They danced, they kissed and looked into their eyes, without the need of saying a single word.

San Giorgio dei Greci is the only church in Venice where is possible to celebrate an Orthodox wedding and it’s there that the priest was waiting for them.

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The gondola, we prepared for them, took them to the church where the Nelea’s father was ready to give his daughter’s hand in marriage, officially.

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An Orthodox ceremony works differently from a canonic Catholic one.

The bride, the groom, his best man and her maid of honor have to hold candles, which symbolize the divine light coming from Christ to bless the couple.

Then it was time for the wedding ring exchange and the Crowning, the focal part of an Orthodox wedding.

The priest covered Nelean and Edwards’ heads while reciting the crown blessing. It’s a symbol for a new beginning, where the just-married couple becomes the King and the Queen of a new family, sharing responsibilities and privileges.

Nelea ed Edward came out of the church visibly moved and happy to share that day with all the people they care about. A rain of soap bubbles and white petals came down on the newlyweds, making them feel like they were living a real fairytale.

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Wedding dinner after a touching Orthodox ceremony in Venice

We really want their dinner to be special and we organized it inside one of the most enchanting palaces in Venice, where we set an “out of time” surprise, if we may say so.

Once they get to the palace with a private motorboat, a group of dancers, wearing typical Venetian costumes, started dancing Minuetto beneath ancient frescoes.

A arches quartet was playing music, projecting all guests into a world that they couldn’t have never imagined before: the magic Venetian world.  

The room we prepared for their wedding dinner was shining in pink and white, with bunches of roses on the long table, located in the middle, and all around. It was like being surrounded by a garden in bloom.

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Before dinner, an aperitif with Prosecco and Bellini was served with finger food of various flavors, while the quartet was still playing.

The wedding dinner menu was served in this order:

Crispy Courgette Flowers

with Burrata Cheese, Almond and Beetroot Tartare

Ravioli filled with Aubergine,

Calf ragu and Pecorino cheese sauce

Veal Medallions stuffed with Mushrooms and Pistachio,

served with Mint Green Beans and Nuts

Three Fruits Sorbets

Afterward, the three fruits sorbets made the space for a speech that wished the best to the couple and touched all the guest and even us.

After dinner, a dance is due.

Nelea and Edward took place in the room to start the ball. A moving Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz n.°2 brought the couple to heaven. It was like they were flying while dancing.

Their eyes were looking at each other saying there was no place on earth they wanted to be, but there. Together, happy and ready to start a new chapter of their life.

So Nelea and Edward’s Orthodox wedding in Venice ends here, with a gaze of deep love, two hands clasped to cut a delicious millefeuille and berries and a new splendid life to build together.

Ph credit: Barbara Zanon