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Engagement in a palace in Venice Italy

Robin chose to ask his girlfriend for her hand in a palace in the magical city of Venice in Italy

000 romantic wedding proposal historic palace

Rebeca arrives at palace knowing that there she has to meet his Robin, but soon she realizes that an unforgettable surprise is waiting for her.


Special engagement in Venice on a private terrace with a view of the Grand Canal

A special frame, the magnificent panoramic terrace overlooking the Grand Canal for an unforgettable engagement

000 terrace engagement venice

Candles, rose petals, sunset, romantic terrace with a view of the Grand Canal... the perfect setting for an unforgettable engagement.


Romantic engagement in Venice for a young Indian couple

an unusual engagement in the romantic city of Venice, a gondola ride, smiles, laughs, emotions, an unforgettable day for the young couple and their families.

000 best wedding proposal in venice

A magical and touching engagement in Venice, the perfect surprise! Ravi contacted us several months before the proposal, he was full of enthusiasm and he wanted to organize an unforgettable day for his beloved Natasha. That day was spent in Venice also with their families, a great surprise for Natasha. 


Engagement in a palace in Venice, the perfect setting for a wedding proposal

Engagement in a palace, Venice is the ideal setting for an unforgettable wedding proposal

000 organization engagement in venice

Venice, the magic and the history of the city, the engagement in a palace with candles and roses, a dream day for a special couple


Bon, will you marry me? In Venice, Phyo made his wedding proposal to his girlfriend on a gondola

A wedding proposal on a gondola, followed by a romantic aperitif on a terrace with a stunning view and a private tour by taxi at sunset

000 proposal gondola sunset aperitif


Wedding proposal on a gondola, aperitif on a terrace, taxi tour at sunset.


An unforgettable day in Venice for your wedding proposal in Italy

Kam and Laura, a special day in Venice, first the gondola ride through intimate canals, then the proposal and the ring, an unforgettable day.

000 organization in venice


For Kam and Laura a romantic tour on a famous gondola, the wedding proposal, the fateful "Yes" followed by a scenic tour by taxi in the Grand Canal, then to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore and finally to the Rose Island, a small private island where the couple spent romantic moments and had dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant on the island.


The best wedding proposal on a gondola in Venice

Allen chose to ask his girlfriend’s hand with a romantic gondola tour in Venice - Italy, an unforgettable day for Allen and Vivien.

000 gondola proposal in venice


The departure from the stunning Saint Mark’s Square, along the Venetian canals the atmosphere is magic, at the arrival at the Bridge of Sighs the banner saying “Vivien will you marry me?”


Venice the most romantic wedding proposal at a palace

Intimate and romantic wedding proposal in historical palace in Venice overlooking the Grand Canal

000 wedding proposal palace


Venice the charm of the city on the lagoon, linked to its history, amazing wedding proposal in a palace with decorations, candles and roses for an unforgettable day


Wedding proposal, the secret garden with a view on the Grand Canal

A romantic wedding proposal in a private secret garden with a view on the Grand Canal, Venice.

000 secret garden venice


A secret garden for this romantic wedding proposal.


Wedding proposal in a stunning palace in Venice Italy

Mitesh decided to ask his girlfriend's hand in a Palace Venice Italy

000 Wedding proposal palace venice


The two lovers get to the palace, he says he has reserved an aperitif but at their arrival on the first floor an unforgettable surprise for her.


Wedding anniversary in Venice Italy

Wedding anniversary in Venice the city of love

000 wedding anniversary


An intimate and romantic ceremony for Laura and Fabrizio to renew their vows after 10 years of marriage. Venice the ideal background to celebrate your union.


Venice unforgettable wedding proposal on a gondola

1) Yuval chose to ask his girlfriend’s hand during a romantic gondola tour in Venice - Italy, a marvellous day, the memory of which will be forever lasting in their hearts.

000 wedding proposal on a


The couple gets aboard a gondola in Saint Mark’s Square, along the Venetian channels the atmosphere is magic, once got to the Bridge of Sighs a banner saying : “Moriya, will you marry me?”


Private terrace with a view on the Grand Canal, Venice for a special wedding proposal.

A stunning private terrace, decorated with candles and rose petals, was the background of the most romantic wedding proposal in Venice.

000 private terrace wedding proposal


Candles, petals, the sunset, a stunning private terrace with a breathtaking view… the perfect scenery for a wedding proposal.


Organize a romantic wedding proposal on a gondola in Venice, Italy

David chose to ask for the hand of his fiancée with a romantic gondola ride in Venice – Italy, Mohini amazed and speechless hugs David in tears of joy

000 engagement in venice italy


The couple take the gondola from Saint Mark's square, the atmosphere is magic through the canals of Venice , on the arrival at the Bridge of Sighs the poster with the words "Mohini will you marry me?", the emotion is uncontrollable, a moment etched in her heart forever.


Romantic wedding proposal on a private island in Venice Italy

The wedding proposal in Venice in an intimate corner with panoramic view.

000 intimate wedding proposal in venice


a private island, a secret garden, the violinist, the gazebo decorated with lanterns for an intimate and unforgettable proposal.

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