Wedding Planner Venice

Weddings in Venice on wonderful terraces overlooking the Grand Canal

Your perfect wedding on a terrace with panoramic view of Venice

Jey Lo Proposal 2 1130 600

Celebrate your wedding in a wonderful terrace in Venice, all you need to know for your unforgettable day. The symbolic ceremony on the terrace with a stunning view of Venice, an experience that you never forget.


Wedding in a palace with Carnival costumes

Symbolic wedding in a palace during the Carnival of Venice

Nathalie Philippe 1130 600

Wedding ceremony in a palace with costumes typical of the Carnival of Venice


Religious wedding, Church of San Moise, Venice.

Catholic wedding in San Moisè Church, Venice Italy. Getting married in the beautiful church of San Moise in Venice with a religious rite.

Audrius Kristina 1130 600

Religious ceremony in the beautiful church of San Moise, Venice


Beach wedding in Jesolo: get married on the beach in Italy

The marriage and the wedding day on the beach in Jesolo and around Venice.

Yvonne Mark

When the couple asked us to organize their beach wedding in Venice, the first place that came up to our mind was Jesolo.


Amazing wedding proposal in Venice with fireworks

Sarukan’s wedding proposal in Venice, surrounded by fireworks and red heart-shaped balloons.

Sarukan Proposal 1130 600

Have you ever thought about proposing to your better half in Venice, on a private terrace, surrounded by thousands of fireworks?


Proposing on a gondola in Venice: 5 mistakes to avoid and make them happy

A list of five things you should know before proposing on a gondola in Venice

000 proposing on a gondola mistakes to avoid

Proposing on a gondola in Venice is like living a fairytale. We know that you can hire a gondola in New York too, but we can assure you it won't be the same.


Getting Married in Venice: all you need to know to organize your wedding

Our personal pieces of advice to get married in Venice without any surprise

getting married all you need to know

We know that many questions are fulling your mind, thinking about your future wedding in Venice. Every couple who dreams of getting married in Venice has a lot of doubts to solve, before starting planning it seriously.


Religious wedding in the Church of the Redeemer in Venice

The religious wedding of Brett and Valerie, ceremony in the famous Church of the Redeemer

Valerie Brett 1130 600

Getting married in Venice, the most romantic city in the world, in the Church of the Redeemer


Small wedding in Venice, Italy: some useful tips

A list of all the things you should take care of, for a small wedding in Venice.

000 small wedding in venice

small wedding in Venice, Italy, isn't for all, but many couples prefer something intimate, rather than a huge and dispersive wedding ceremony.


Get married in Venice – Civil wedding and reception in a palace

The Agency Brilliant Wedding Venice arranged for Kevin and Pam an unforgettable day

Pam Kevin 1130 600

Get married in Venice, our couple's dream comes true in the most romantic city in the world.


Wedding in Venice on a private terrace with a view of the Grand Canal

Unforgettable wedding of Eric and Christel, photo shoot in the romantic Venice and lunch on a lovely private terrace with a view of the Grand Canal

Erik Christel 1130 600

Get married in Venice in the most romantic city in the world with reception on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal


Town hall wedding in Venice: your civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

All you need to know about a civil wedding at Venice town hall

000 civil wedding town hall venice

Every year, many couples get married in Venice with a civil wedding at the Venice town hall, better known as Palazzo Cavalli.


Tony's romantic wedding proposal in Venice with candles

Candles in Venice at night: Tony’s romantic wedding proposal

Tony Proposal

Tony's was thrilled when he first emailed us. His romantic wedding proposal idea was clear, simple and full of sentimentalism. 


The most romantic wedding proposals in Venice Italy

Every year, many couples from all over the world trust our Agency for the organization of their wedding proposals in Venice. Send us your request! Our expert proposal planners are ready to give you the perfect idea

000 agency organization wedding proposals

Brilliant Wedding will help you in organizing your wedding proposal. Every year, couples from all over the world choose our agency to organize this special moment. Send us your idea and together we will create the perfect day for you in Venice


Wedding venues in Venice: how to chose the perfect one

Discover the most impressive wedding venues in Venice

Venice Wedding Venues

Getting married in Venice is a moment of your life that will last forever in your mind, especially if you choose the right wedding venue.

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