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Religious ceremony in Saint Mark’s Basilica and wedding reception at the Palace

a romantic religious ceremony in the crypt of Saint Mark’s Basilica, a gondola ride and a joyful dinner in a Venetian Palace with a view on the Canal Grande. We will tell you Natalì and Davide’s wedding

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From Saint Mark’s Basilica  for the ceremony to  a Venetian  Palace for the reception, an unforgettable wedding!

To get married in Venice is a dream by itself. To do it with a religious ceremony in Saint Mark’s Basilica, followed by a wedding reception in a Palace, is nearly like being in heaven. But they did it. Davide and Natalì intensely lived all this. Six days after Saint Valentine’s day they ignited the gunpowder of their hearts and they said “yes” in front of God and their families and friends come to the lagoon to celebrate such a special moment. Davide and Natalì are not very young but in their eyes there is the typical emotion of those who are going on a first date; and it is actually like this: they are going to make their union with eternal love official.

Venice, 20th February 2016. It’s their day. The sky is clear. The air is fresh. The sun brightly shines alone in the sky. There is not even the shadow of a cloud. All the white is now on the ground floor! Natalì is having her make up freshened up. Her eyes show a bit of fear, of shyness, of anxiety, of waiting, of joy, everything that portrays the day of her religious wedding. For them who are both religious believers, Saint Mark’s Basilica represents something absolutely unique. They enter the crypt. The Holy Book is ready. It is a triumph of white candles while in the background there’s the sweet music of an arp. Davide wears a little white flower at his buttonhole. The people are impatient. At last the bride comes. She is so lovely wearing a white furry neck that keeps her warm and a bouquet of white roses. They exchange marriage vows. Now they are husband and wife.

When the ceremony is finished, the newlyweds allow themselves a short walk in the impressive Square, welcome by rice and some soap bubbles that make everybody dream. Just the time to get opposite Saint Mark’s basin and there they are: getting on a private taxi heading to Saint Giorgio Maggiore’s island to take some pictures. There, in the middle of the lagoon, Natalì draws close to Davide. They get off. They look at the view. They get lost in each other’s eyes. A long and romantic kiss before getting on a gondola this time and casting off again to go to their wedding reception in an elegant Venetian palace with a view on the Grand Canal and the Academy Bridge.   

The guests are already there, directly got off at the private dock; they are waiting for them, looking out the small terraces of the Venetian palace. They finally arrive and are now  ready to start their “fork dances”. Just a little patience and there they are, joining their guests on the first floor of the palace. Everything is very elegant. The tables are decorated with flowers and a mirror. For every guest there is also a mask. “To each his own" but undoubtedly eating sea specialities in Venice is something absolutely special. Davide and Natalì chose a generous menu of fish that starts with an appetiser made by delicacies from Palazzetto and some wine bubbles with an original Valdobbiadene.    

They begin their dinner with a mouth-watering starter: smoked tuna on mixed leaf salad and emulsified yogurt eggnog. The first course is a risotto with prawns, spinach and champagne, while the second course is a tasty angler fish with artichokes and olives a yummy sauce served on a corn cream. To finish, a real must: the three-tier wedding cake is a triumph of sponge and soft cream. According to tradition, they cut the first slice with both their hands on the knife and immediately after they toast to the newlywed couple.

During the dinner, Natalì and Davide are divided between the satisfaction of their palate and the emotion of what they have just experienced. The last photograph is a pure picture of love. They both keep their eyes closed and they are holding tight to each other. The colours of the Peggy Guggenheim collection that is quite close recall the poetic fantasy of the mankind. The Virgin Mary, the near Basilica della Salute is dedicated to, gives her blessing to their religious wedding just celebrated in Venice.

Ph: Laurè Jacquemin


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