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Small wedding in Venice, Italy: some useful tips

A list of all the things you should take care of, for a small wedding in Venice.

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small wedding in Venice, Italy, isn't for all, but many couples prefer something intimate, rather than a huge and dispersive wedding ceremony.

In fact, a small wedding - in Venice or whatever city in the world - let the bride and the groom have more time to spend with their guests, there's a more relaxed atmosphere, and all guests effectively feel more part of the event.

The majority of the couples we work with comes from abroad, and most of the times they want an unforgettable but small wedding in Venice, this is why we decided to write this blog post.  

Let's see some useful tips to organize a small wedding in Venice.

Define your budget

Venice is the city you chose for your wedding day, but how much does getting married in Venice cost? There are no fix prices; everything depends on what you choose and want for your special day. So, this is the point we start from: defining your budget.

Ask yourself and your wallet how much you want to spend and what are the things that can't miss on that day and make a budget plan.

In the meantime, you can have a look at the price list of the town hall in Venice for a civil wedding.

Thin out your Guest List

Having a small wedding in Venice means that your guest list won't be that long.

Selecting the people you absolutely want to be there on that day can be hard and usually unpleasant, but it's part of the game.

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Make a first list of guests, then thin it out deleting those people aren't so close to you.

Obviously, all those people who won't receive your invitation will probably ask you why. Get prepared to give them an answer, which is probably going to be this: "sorry but we are keeping the event small." In other words, you should simply say the truth.

Choose the right Wedding Venues in Venice

We have faced this topic several times in our blog posts, and here's one article you can read to know how to choose the perfect wedding venues in Venice.

By the way, Venice is full of amazing places where to celebrate your wedding and where to spend a very good time with your friends and relatives. You just need to pick one.

We can guide you in choosing the perfect one for you.

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You can also have a look at the weddings we have already organized, consulting our Real Wedding section, on our blog.

You can have your small wedding on a terrace or in a beautiful garden, but even in a majestic church or in a historical palace. It's up to you.

Make your small wedding in Venice entertaining

The best of having a small wedding is that you can get everyone involved. Someone can read a prayer or a special reading during the celebration, and you won't have to plan where this or that guest should sit during the reception, but make them sit all at a single table.

Everyone will feel as a fundamental part of your special day.

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Be careful with every detail

When a wedding is small, noticing every detail is easier, this is why you should pay more attention to them. 

You might think that organizing a small wedding in Venice is not a big deal, but even if the city seems so small, it's full of things you can choose from.

We can give you a professional piece of advice about wedding venues in Venice, the menu and the type of celebration.

Asking a wedding agency to take care of the organization of the most important day of your life is also living this adventure stress-free. Everything will be perfect and with no unexpected events.

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Now that you've read all our tips, you might have a more precise idea of how to organize a small wedding in Venice, Italy.

But don't hesitate to contact us for any other information or questions. It'll be a pleasure organizing your wedding and make you both live a day you won't forget for the rest of your life.