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Tale of love in Venice, a Catholic wedding in San Moisè Church

Catholic wedding in the beautiful San Moisè Church, aperitif on a private terrace and dinner in a luxurious Venetian palace.

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A romantic religious ceremony in San Moisè Church, Venice was the framework of Daniela & Christoph ’s wedding

Love and promises. Elegance and tradition. Flowers and jewels. Prayer and delicious dishes. Brilliant Wedding Venice is pleased to invite you to read this new tale of love.

  • Names of the spouses: Daniela and Christoph
  • Origin: Salzburg (Austria)
  • Guests: 60
  • Location: San Moisè Church (Venice)
  • Ceremony: religious wedding
  • Rite: Catholic 

There are stories that you can’t just tell. They have to be handed down. There are stories where even a mere glance makes us part of a charm, maybe just imagined but never really thought possible until a few moments before. There are stories that seem to come from a factory of wonder. Daniela and Christoph came to Venice from the nearby Austria for a Catholic ceremony in San Moisè Church, Venice. 

Christoph and Daniela, a special couple ready for a (Catholic) wedding. Humble and smart, polite and good-mannered: a couple able to embody the spirit of Christianity.

The program of the wedding day of Daniela and Christoph was as follows:

  • h. 11-12: wedding
  • h. 12-12:30: photographic session out of the location of the aperitif
  • h. 12:45 -14:15: lunch in a private terrace
  • 18:30 -00.00: dinner in a Venetian hall

“Wet bride, lucky bride", as an Italian proverb says, and before the religious ceremony there was a fine rain while the bride was entering inside San Moisè Church. This is a religious building located just behind St Mark's Square and only a few steps from the famous Calle Larga XXIII Marzo. The origin of the building is uncertain,  the architectural style is baroque and among the various works of art in its interior there is “the Washing of the Feet" of the immortal Jacopo Tintoretto. Today, however, the art is not the protagonist. Today, in San Moisè Church, the Catholic wedding between Daniela and Christoph is celebrated.

The bride had recommended a religious ceremony and the music must be in perfect harmony. Everything went on as hoped and the sounds of organ, harp, violin and four voices created a truly remarkable atmosphere. These were the songs played:

  • Arrival of the guests: Thais by Massenet (harp and violin)
  • Entrance of the bride: I was glad by Hubert Parry (organ and violin)
  • Offertory: Domino Deus (soprano, violin, organ)
  • Communion: Panis Angelicus (harp, violin and soprano)
  • Signatures of the spouses: Ave Maria by Schubert (harp, soprano)
  • Rings: Largo Xerxes by Handel (singing, violin and organ)
  • Exit of the spouses: Crown Imperial by William Walton (organ)
  • After the ceremony: Fantom de l'Opera: All I ask of you (violin, harp and soprano) 

The groom waits patiently inside San Moisè Church, decorated with  petals of roses, a white carpet and bunches of flowers on the benches. The Catholic wedding is ready to start. Out there the bride is about to make her entrance sheltered under an umbrella, while the two sisters-bridesmaids lift the long train of her dress. Classical and cosy atmosphere. No stiffness, just a bit of good and white tradition.

"Yes, I do", repeat the two lovers before God. The new husband and wife go out of the church and a riot of petals fall from the sky. Meanwhile, the clouds have gone to other shores, leaving the audience to a warmer sun, ideal for enjoying an aperitif with buffet in a private terrace. Some delicacies and then it's time for the dutiful photo tour with some shots in the incomparable setting of Doge’s Palace. Stairways, capitals...  what else? 

Daniela is graceful. The many tourists in St Mark’s Square watch her spellbound. Daniela and Venice seem to be a fascinating and unique thing, while Christoph is the sky all around. It’s impossible to imagine one without the other. Daniela wears small and compact earrings, as two drops of silver. Christoph clings to her.

All the wedding is a triumph of azure. From the sisters-bridesmaids’ clothes to the hydrangeas of the bouquet and the centrepieces, the napkins and the marzipan flowers on the wedding cake, everything is azure. A typical colour of Venice, a colour with which the lagoon-water trails play with different shades depending on the season. 

It's time for dinner. All the guests are very elegant, men with mandatory tuxedos and women with long dresses. To talk about the menu, it is a sin, a gluttonous one. A symphony of flavours, prepared with impeccable culinary mastery. Like a tribute to the love of Daniela and Christoph, the menu was the following:

  • Salmon and swordfish tartare with brioche bread
  • Homemade cannelloni with spinach and buffalo's mozzarella
  • Beef medallions in a crust of black olives
  • Vodka and lemon sorbet (Sgroppino)
  • Wedding cake
  • Espresso
  • Mineral water and house wine

It’s the perfect time for eating, greeting and dancing. Always respecting the tradition, the bride and groom have grappled with the Viennese Waltz. The sunset is over now, the night is quiet and starry in Venice. A delicate sound, the bells of the Moors. It’s the heartbeat of love of Daniela and Christoph.


Ph: Glauco Comoretto