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The best wedding proposal on a gondola in Venice

Allen chose to ask his girlfriend’s hand with a romantic gondola tour in Venice - Italy, an unforgettable day for Allen and Vivien.

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The departure from the stunning Saint Mark’s Square, along the Venetian canals the atmosphere is magic, at the arrival at the Bridge of Sighs the banner saying “Vivien will you marry me?”

Allen wanted all the best for his charming Vivien. This will be passed down in the record books of romanticism as the best wedding proposal on a gondola in Venice ever.  Allen and Vivien  arrived in Italy for a peaceful off-season holiday. But maybe it was an off-season period just till some years ago. Now October is more and more crowded, too. It would not be acceptable to go back home from Venice without a traditional gondola ride. And so they don’t miss it. Allen planned this trip with a very precise idea: to make his beloved one experience the emotion of a wedding proposal on a gondola in Venice.

The lion of Saint Mark from up his column seems to silently roar. Even higher than that, the bell tower angel, absolutely calm and unchangeable, seems to control the world beneath him. Arrived in front of Saint Mark’s basin, they get on a gondola letting the gondolier take them to the heart of the city. Just a few minutes have passed and, from a bridge under which they are going to pass, a banner is dropped: the aim of it is definitely clear.

The man asks his woman’s hand. Vivien is struck. If in the past they had told her that her engagement would have taken place in Venice, maybe she would have had a good laugh. Some accidental (or so they seem) passers-by are waving some little flags with the same picture used as a background on the banner with the wedding proposal. Allen takes out the ring and she rewards him with a passionate kiss. A varied flower composition is delivered to the future bride. The local organisation that prepared the romantic wedding proposal in Venice worked in a perfect way. The tour carries on a little bit longer until they go back to Saint Marks’ Square.

The two lovers get off but they are still in need of some tenderness. Allen and Vivien stay there to get cradled by the lagoon breeze. In the sky there is not a cloud. That blue sky is just for them today. They walk around the city a little bit stunned. Love is a weight that makes you feel light. Love is a force that makes you watch the world through the natural light of a dawn. They get on the typical Venetian boat, the “vaporetto”, headed up to Saint George’s Island. The day is the ideal one to enjoy one of those sunsets dreamed of or maybe just seen in some TV documentary films. 

The sky becomes similar to the palette of Leonardo. The multiple shades add up. The nuances overlap. From the boundless blue they go to a pinkish orange shade. The temperature starts decreasing a bit and they hug tight. Still tighter. The sun goes lower and lower, until disappearing beyond the end of the Giudecca canal. Vivian and Allen want to savour every shining bit of it. Very few words between them now. Just some knowing glances and a love atmosphere that will forever be engraved in their hearts.

Once they have left the little island in front of Venice, they go back to Saint Mark’s Square, stopping for a while under the loggia of the Doges Palace. They both are looking at the ring. They seem to be tempted to rub it and see if something magic happens. But they are already living a magic moment. And whatever their wishes are, they have just fulfilled the most beautiful one. Together. The streetlights of the square are switched on now. It’s an October of the third millennium but the atmosphere could be the one of a comedy written by Carlo Goldoni.

A little drink and some dance steps in the Square. The come and go of tourists never stops. There are young mums passing by pushing their buggies. There are teenagers on a school trip. There are women and men that could simply be your next-door neighbours. Today, in Venice there are them, too, Allen and Vivien. On a gondola, in Venice, Allen declared his love to Vivien. She accepted to marry him. A joyful life is waiting for them. A joyful life has just started.




Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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