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The story of the most luxurious Armenian Wedding in Venice

A luxurious Venetian venue, an incredible wedding dress and an everlasting love: this is the story of the most sumptuous Armenian Wedding in Venice.

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A fairytale becoming real: Marina and Viken’s Armenian wedding in Venice, a story of true love.  

Finally, that day had come.
Marina and Viken were ready to celebrate their Armenian Wedding in Venice, at the San Lazzaro degli Armeni church on the same-named island.

The sun was high on that day of April and the city was crowded as usual, but Marina and Viken were so excited to become husband and wife, that it was like there was nobody around but them.

Marina and Viken are one of the most tender couples we have ever worked with. They live in Toronto, Canada, but Marina’s beauty reveals the origin of her birth: Armenia.

They wanted that day to be the best of their life and asked us to decorate the church and the Venice venue chosen for the reception with many, many flowers, and so we did.

The ceremony would have been at 3:00 pm and while Marina and Viken were doing their individual photo shoot in the morning, we had time to check everything once again, to be sure that every single flower and decoration was ready to welcome the couple inside the church.

The almost-married couple wanted a first look, meeting at the luxurious Venetian palace, where the reception would have taken place after the ceremony, to take some pictures together.

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The amazing wedding flowers arrangement for Marina and Viken’s Armenian Wedding

Marina and Viken arrived at San Lazzaro degli Armeni island with a taxi boat, visibly happy and anxious to get married in Venice with an Armenian ceremony, as they had planned.

The church was covered by callas flowers, creating a pure and candid atmosphere, but the greatest wedding flower arrangement we have ever made was inside the Venetian palace in tones of pink and gold.

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The Venice wedding venue they elected is an XIII-century Venetian palace, facing the grand canal, which we fulfilled with hundreds of flowers.

The table was decorated with enchanting hand-made floral centerpieces over its whole length, creating an incredible game of colors, with shades from white to purple. On the table, we also positioned a golden menu, two golden masks for the newlyweds and splendid glasses - ornated with a gold border - together with elegant golden plates for all their guests.

We put six huge bunches of flowers alternated with beautiful chandeliers on the table too. You can see from the video below, how the reception became even more captivating with all these wedding flower decorations.

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The dinner after the touching Armenian Wedding in Venice

The just-married couple arrived at the Venetian Palace after spending the afternoon in St. Mark’s Square to take some pictures and having a tour of the city on its traditional boat: the gondola.

Marina was wearing a princess wedding dress from the Nisrine Ziade’s collection, that was perfectly fitting with the entire context. When she was going up on the marble stairs with Viken, she definitely looked like a real princess.

We couldn’t hold our tears of joy when we saw them coming in with a soft but deep smile on their faces.

The dinner was served, starting with some crispy courgette flowers with Burrata cheese, almond and beetroot tartare.

The first course was a plate of ravioli filled with aubergine, calf ragu, and pecorino cheese sauce and the second dish presented some veal medallions stuffed with mushrooms and pistachio, served with mint green beans and nuts.

The wedding cake was a triumph: a mixed berries puff pastry with coconuts.

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The dinner ends with Marina and Viken dancing in the salon with the golden masks on. It was the perfect ending, we must say it.

They were looking into each other’s eyes with a gaze full of love, embraced by the music played by a quartet of violins.

This was the most luxurious and touching Armenian Wedding in Venice we have ever organized, and according to Marina and Viken’s faces, we made a really good job.

But now, it’s time to close the doors of the Venetian palace and leave the bride and the groom finish their dance with a long and passionate kiss.

Ph: Jules Bower



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