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Tina and Morten's symbolic wedding in Venice, Italy

Tina and Morten, a beautiful Norwegian couple having their symbolic wedding in Venice

Symbolic wedding venice italy

Tina and Morten are a wonderful Norwegian couple, who contacted us to celebrate their symbolic wedding

in Venice.

 They emailed us a year before their wedding day, in order to organize their perfect moment in Venice, with a few guests in a dreamy location. We were honored to help them fulfill their dream of getting married in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

001 symbolic wedding venice italy

Before describing this moving symbolic wedding in Venice in details, we would like to explain what a symbolic wedding ceremony is and why a lot of spouses choose this option.

What is a symbolic wedding ceremony?

A symbolic wedding a touching exchange of vows between the bride and the groom, without legal value.

If your dream is getting married in Venice, but you don't want to deal with bureaucracy,  a symbolic wedding ceremony can be the right solution for you.

002 symbolic wedding venice italy

As Tina and Morten decided to marry each other looking at the sea, you can personalize your ceremony as you like, from the location to the person who's going to celebrate your wedding.

Even if a symbolic wedding in Venice is not legally binding, it surely is the perfect way to commemorate your love in front of your whole family and share your joy with your guests.

Tina and Morten's symbolic wedding in Venice, Italy

The only thing Tina and Morten absolutely wanted for their unforgettable day was having a ceremony near the sea. They had already chosen the Excelsior Hotel in Venice Lido, as a venue, and we helped them organize all the rest.

003 symbolic wedding venice italy

The sun was shining in the Venetian sky that day of June. Tina and Morten were visibly excited and impatient to start the most important day of their lives.

As tradition wants, Morten was waiting for her, at the Excelsior Hotel's terrace, with all the thirty-five guests they had invited to their special symbolic wedding.  

Morten was standing in front of the little table where the master of ceremonies would have asked the so-awaited question: "Do you take Tina to be your wife?".

He looked fine and elegant in his suit. But, at the same time, he was thrilled and nervously happy too. 

He tried to cheat time having a small chat with his best-man while waiting for a radiant Tina to come in.

004 symbolic wedding venice italy

A symbolic wedding in Venice is like a real one, you can feel it in your heart and your bones.

Tina was almost ready to walk in. She looked fabulous in her lace white wedding dress.

Everyone was waiting for that moment to come. 

She gracefully walked in, holding a simple, but beautiful bouquet of white roses.

005 symbolic wedding venice italy

Tina and Morten's eyes were smiling and looking at each other.

During the whole ceremony, Tina and Morten held their hands tenderly. It's easy to recognize a true and deep love when you see it.

006 symbolic wedding venice italy

They were ready to make the first step into their life together, with all the people they care about next to them. 

 Tina and Morten exchanged their wedding rings, pronouncing their vows. It was a touching moment, for everyone on the terrace. Even us.

007 symbolic wedding venice italy

Aperitif and dinner on the Excelsior Hotel's terrace after the symbolic wedding ceremony

Our happy and lovely couple, right after the ceremony, had a toast with a flûte of prosecco, among smiles and hugs.

Prosecco was just one of the available options. In fact, there were also the two most typical Venetian aperitifs, Aperol Spritz and Bellini, Prosecco with orange juice (Mimosa) or with strawberry coulis (Rossini)  and even a classic Mojito.

008 symbolic wedding venice italy

Don't worry; we organized some non-alcoholic drinks too.

Together with drinks, there was something to eat too, like cream cheese with pickled onions and walnuts, smoked roast beef and sauce tartar on brown bread canapés and rice croquettes with saffron.

Before Tina and Morten setting down with all their guests at the tables, we prepared on the terrace; a buffet appetizer was served.  

There was sole Venetian style in Cocotte, scallops au gratin with aromatic herbs, Parma ham cascade with melon and much more.

After another couple of toasts, the dinner started with a Seafood risotto and a Sautéed tagliolini pasta with Guinea fowl fillets, vegetables, and ginger.

After two second delicious courses, the wedding dessert arrived: a three chocolate parfait. 

Tina and Morten ended the most important day of their life with a long kiss and, holding their hands tight; they walked through their future.

 Photo Credit: Mirco Toffolo

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