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Town hall wedding in Venice: your civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

All you need to know about a civil wedding at Venice town hall

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Every year, many couples get married in Venice with a civil wedding at the Venice town hall, better known as Palazzo Cavalli.

This beautiful Renaissance palace was built before 1310, even if the one we have the pleasure to admire today is the result of several reconstructions and renovations.

The building takes its name from the Cavalli family who lived there; it was also the residence of the American novelist James Fenimore Cooper.

Palazzo Cavalli is situated in one of the most picturesque locations in Venice. In fact, from the terraces on the facade, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Rialto Bridge.

Inside the building, there's a room hosting the famous painting "The Golden Wedding”, dating from 1909, made by the Venetian painter Luigi Nono.

How a civil wedding ceremony at Venice town hall works

Palazzo Cavalli is open every day, from Monday to Saturday, from 8.45 am to 1 pm.

Usually, the civil ceremonies are celebrated in a beautiful and well-furnished room at the Piano Nobile, which can host up to 70 guests.

We have already mentioned the incredible view you have from the terraces in the hall, which is as good as the one you have from the high and huge windows in the room.

001 civil wedding town hall venice

If you are worried about not knowing a word in Italian, we assure you that during the ceremony there will be an interpreter at your disposal, who will translate everything into English, for you.

By the way, the ceremony will be performed in Italian and last around 20 minutes, but you can enrich it with your wedding vows or whatever you like to read or say.

You don't need to come the day before your wedding at the Venice town hall since no formalities are requested.

Attending a town hall wedding in Venice is touching as much as a religious wedding ceremony in a Venetian church.

The atmosphere is perfect, and XVIII century stuccoes will watch of you getting married in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the Rialto Bridge right out of the window.

We have organized thousands of civil wedding in Venice. But every time seems like the first one, for the strong emotions we feel seeing every couple exchanging their wedding vows in such a unique setting.

How much does getting married at Palazzo Cavalli, in Venice, cost?

We have dedicated a whole blog post to the price list of Palazzo Cavalli, that you can read here. 

But we can say that getting married at Venice town hall has a different cost depending on the day you choose and what country you belong to.

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Of course, if you want to get married out of the normal opening time, the price will be higher.

If you aren't a European citizen, the price will be higher too.

Don't worry about the document you might need and the bureaucracy. We will assist you step-by-step, making your wedding day the most beautiful and incredible one of your life.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions and giving you all the pieces of advice you need to organize your perfect wedding in Venice town hall.