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Wedding anniversary in church in Venice- St.Mark's Basilica

Intimate and romantic ceremony in the side altar of St.Mark’s Basilica

 000 anniversary in venice italy ceremony in venice saint mark

Vows renewal, a wonderful day with the family in Venice

Melanie and her husband chose Venice to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in the St.Mark’s Basilica. Some years ago, on the day of their wedding, there were "only" them, their relatives and their friends. Lately something - or rather, someone - has changed, indeed.  Melanie and her husband's life has been enriched with two beautiful daughters. They are the witnesses of the renewal of their vows in the Venetian church par excellence. The ceremony, which was attended only by the nuclear family, has been blessed by a local priest in front of the Madonna altarpiece.

They showed up before God on a warm day in Venice. All dressed in white, very casual. The two little girls with a wreath of roses each, yellow for the elder and pink-lilac for the younger. In respect of the holy place, Melanie wears a long white skirt, leaving only the ankles uncovered. White sandals for the two daughters, heels for the mum. The father, or the groom, wears a candid shirt, combined with the rest of the family, a pair of beige trousers and brown moccasins.

On Melanie's left arm there is a rope bracelet with a daisy, the simplest flower, to express natural beauty and harmony of soul. Ultimately family should be this, shouldn’t it? A universe where human feelings are the energy to face every single day. Today these four souls are here, in the House of the Lord, to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in the St Mark's Basilica. The girls watch the priest blessing the union between their parents. A bit intrigued, but surely delighted at seeing how their mother and father love each other so much. 

After Christian religious practices, the family is free to enjoy the warm sun in Venice. In the enchanted location of St.Mark’s Square the girls have all the freedom of movement that, for obvious reasons, is not too "recommended" inside the church. They run,  play, try (in vain) to take some pigeons and take pictures with their parents. The sun rays brighten their hair. This time no mishap or some kind of whimsical request for the indomitable wedding planners of Venice . Just a simple vows renewal in church. 

The atmosphere of the anniversary ceremony just celebrated in the St.Mark’s Basilica is still in their hearts when suddenly the landscape changes again. From religious art to the splendour of Mother Nature, with the complicity of some local master carpenter. Melanie, her husband and their daughters boarded a gondola. The parents sit down in the purple chair, while the two girls keep moving inside the boat symbol of the maritime Republic, greeting commuters and the many tourists who are visiting this unique city.

The expert gondolier let them enjoy within a few seconds the spectacle of the Saint Mark's basin, the Basilica della Salute - where one of the most important celebration of Venice (along with the Festa del Redentore during the summer) is celebrated every 21st November... and then the entrance to the Grand Canal, the Dogana, Giudecca Island, the smaller island of St. George with the homonymous church and, looking even further, the Lido.

This city never ceases to amaze. It’s Muse, lover and bride. It is plausible that there is no corner that hasn't been photographed yet, but every time you look at this city it is always touching. While the oar of the gondola wedged inside the lagoon, young and old look around in the open space. It almost seems that an enchanted creature could appear from this city, and it might also be so.

Discover Venice with a gondola ride is a bit like stepping into the bowels of an organism, an artistic and architectural one in this case. The gondola passes under the Ponte della Guerra (Bridge of War) and arrives in the district Castello, the more traditional one. The mass never comes here. The mass stops before and go back. But the true lovers of Venice penetrate inside it. Taking pictures? Surely. Even a modern selfie? Why not! But there's something more.

The gondola passes under the Ponte della Paglia (Bridge of Straw) pointing toward the even more famous baroque bridge, the Bridge of Sighs. Designed by the architect Antonio Contin (1566-1600), it was built to allow prisoners to go from Palazzo Ducale directly to prison. Italians love good food. The wedding anniversary has been celebrated, the bells of the St Mark's Basilica have tolled. Now that even the gondola ride is over, there is just one last thing to do to close this unforgettable day: sitting down to enjoy the delicious local cuisine in the Bistrot de Venise.

Melanie and her husband have just experienced the vows renewal in church in Venice. In another ten years their daughters will be in college and maybe they will come back here again. All together. They will watch these pictures again, thinking about this day. Once again, they will hold their hands with joyous smiles.



Ph: Andrea Lacchin

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