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Wedding at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà in the Riviera del Brenta

The religious wedding in the church of San Nicolò in Padua, the reception at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà in the beautiful Riviera del Brenta

000 spouses at villa foscarini rossi strà


Wonderful religious wedding followed by the party at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Riviera del Brenta.

Wedding rings. White flower decorations. Sugared almonds. Traditions. First the religious ceremony in the Church of San Nicolò in Padua, then the reception in the sumptuous Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà, along the Brenta Riviera. Francesca and Marcello took the best of their wedding day. In collaboration with Brilliant Wedding Venice, Francesca and Marcello pronounced the wedding vows before God and then toasted together with family and friends. A time of great emotional intimacy, shared with about 150 guests. A time marked by the essence of human eternity.  

For those involved in events like the renewal of vows, wedding and/or proposals, a wedding to organise isn't that different from creating a music album or a painting. After all the efforts required, the architects will always define it as a special delivery. And no, it is not self-complacency, but only the result of expertise, effort and passion. After many Venetian celebrations, for the wedding planner agency Brilliant Venice it’s time to land along the Brenta Riviera for the wedding of Francesca and Marcello in the majestic Villa Foscarini Rossi.

The two fiancés (not for long) arrives at the church in strict "separation". The building has a history of over a century, back to the Middle Ages. The patron is really a loveable character, the one who inspired the figure of Santa Claus. Today, however, the bells will ring because of what Marcello and Francesca are going to exchange, and it’s really much more than a simple gift. It’s a sincere and heartfelt promise. It’s a promise of commitment. It’s the promise to love each other in good times and in bad. In their eyes there is all this and much more.

Annunciation, paints, coats of arms, the large wooden panel depicting various saints. For many guests, the wedding of Francesca and Marcello is not only a ceremony, but also the possibility to discover the Church of San Nicolò, one of the many jewels of Italian sacred art. The great crucifix behind the priest looks the couple with benevolence. In the suffering of the cross Christ spoke about love anyway. Christ himself, up there, sees this young couple getting married and a part of Him is now more alive than ever in the hearts of the spouses.

Before the ceremony begins, lovely kids throw white and yellow petals over the carpet leading up to the altar where the ceremony will take place. Francesca and Marcello swear eternal love. The moment to seal their reciprocal love. The mass is ended, go in peace. And so be it. The bridal party moves from the sacred to the profane. A few kilometres outside the city, they go along the famous Riviera del Brenta to reach their destination: Villa Foscarini Rossi in Strà. Once the home of Marco Foscarini (1696-1763), one of the last Doges of Venice, now it’s the permanent seat of the Museum of Footwear Rossimoda and hosts also concerts and receptions.

Just to see the Villa from the outside, it seems to be inside a movie set.  Everything has been carefully prepared both inside and outside. The garden and all the surrounding green areas are very impressive: a total area of 10,000 square meters where there are a hedge maze, trees and traces of the original structure, although renovated over the years. Before sitting indoors, the aperitif is served in the beautiful garden to welcome the guests. The reception can begin.

Classical instrumental music in the background. White tablecloths and flowers everywhere, in a delicate mix of white and peach roses. Delicacy is the watchword, or rather the feeling that vibrates in the air during the wedding reception in the villa along the Brenta Riviera. The bride and groom are impeccable. Elegant dark blue suit for Marcello, white long dress for Francesca, with lace sleeves, veil and bouquet. A picture in the picture. The rings are now on their ring fingers, with the name of the other engraved. 

Another toast and then the dinner can start. The spouses and their guests enjoy one dish after another, everything is served in the dining room embellished with frescoes dating from the mid-1600s. Times change, but to this day, in the third millennium, the wedding day is still a unique moment as only the birth of a child can match. The bride and groom go table to table. Then comes the moment of the traditional cutting of the 5 tiers wedding cake  outside in the portico. A slice and a kiss. A kiss and a slice. A cloud of balloons is released in the sky. Everyone looks beyond the stars. In the garden of Villa Foscarini Rossi the couple holds hands. Go where your heart takes you.  Francesca and Marcello have just followed their hearts.




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