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Splendid wedding dinner on a beautiful rooftop terrace in Venice Italy

The perfect ending for a fabulous wedding: a wedding dinner on a rooftop terrace

Wedding dinner on a terrace in Venice

The sky was so blue that day and the sun was shining above the lagoon while we were adjusting the last few things for the symbolic wedding we were about to host on that beautiful terrace with a splendid view of Venice.

Mark and Erin came from Chicago to celebrate their wedding with their families and friends in Venice, asking us to organize something that would have struck everyone in all senses.

Especially Mark was worried about this marriage in Venice since he wanted it to be absolutely perfect. But we are used to this pre-wedding anxiety and we perfectly know that reassuring them about everything and involving them in every step we take in the organization of their wedding is part of our job.

The secret in our job is having a great understanding with the couple who contact you to organize the most important day of their life. A wedding planner [link to “What a wedding planner do”] isn’t just a person who helps you out with your marriage organization, but a good listener too.

So the adventure with Mark and Erin started with an email and went on with several others. Email after email, we defined every detail of their wedding ceremony, proposing them to surprise their guests with a Venice boat tour, while they were occupied with the wedding photo shoot. They loved it and they loved how we arranged the table on the terrace for the wedding dinner. But let’s go on with order.  

Mark and Erin’s wedding on a romantic rooftop terrace

Mark was getting ready in his Venetian-style hotel room, folding up his handkerchief for the breast pocket of his suit. He was thoughtful, probably because he was realizing what was about to happen, just at that moment.

In another room, Erin was feeling the same. She was standing in front of the mirror, wearing a fantastic white dress, meticulously decorated, saying to herself that she couldn’t be happier than this. It was true. Getting married in Venice on a rooftop terrace was their dream, and it was about to come true.


Wedding dinner on a terrace in Venice

The ceremony was simple and nice. We adorned the terrace with a few bunches of purple and pink flowers, those same flowers Erin had in her wedding bouquet.

Mark and Erin’s love was in the air, we could breathe it and smell it, but you can tell it from the pictures they took in Venice right after the ceremony.

They couldn't stop smiling at each other, and their eyes were saying more than any word.

In the main time, their guests were enjoying a tour of Venice on a boat we organized for them, so we had the time to prepare the terrace for the wedding dinner.

Here’s how we decorated it.

The wedding table decorations and floral compositions

The theme colors of the wedding were pink and purple, so we decided to combine them with some gold and blue.

We arranged a long single table, covered with a nice blue tablecloth. We couldn’t foresee it, but, on that sunny day, the blue of the sky seemed to fuse together with the blue of the tablecloth. It was like everything was in the right place at the right time.


Wedding dinner on a terrace in Venice

Chairs and cutlery added that touch of gold to the table, and to make everything really perfect we create some floral table centerpieces with the bunches of flower we placed on the terrace balustrade during the ceremony.

We also thought to add a final detail to the table, putting a typical Venetian mask in front of every plate. One for each guest, isn’t it an original party favor?

Many elegant candles enriched the table and would have created the romantic atmosphere Erin and Mark deserved for the night.

To complete the scene, here’s the menu we served:

Bellini Cocktail and Prosecco

Assortment of cold and hot canapès

Steamed lobster with baby spinach and Campari and orange sauce

Raviolo with smoked scamorza, saffron, and scallops

Risotto with Prosecco flavor served with red shrimps mince, zucchini, and lime

Grilled beef fillet with truffle-flavored potato pie and black pepper sauce

Wedding cake

Coffee and small Canova pastries

Canova’s wine selection and mineral water

This is one of the most beautiful floral compositions we made in our career, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, we suggest you read our blog post about Wedding table centerpieces ideas. 

That night we knew for sure we made our best for Mark and Erin, but we couldn’t expect to read such a nice review on our Google profile, a few days after the wedding. 


003 wedding dinner terrace venice

Make all the couples, who contact us happy on their special day, is our main purpose, and when we received feedback like this, we can just thank them for letting us organize the most important day of their life.


Ph Credit: Lauré Jacquemin