Wedding Planner Venice

The romantic wedding between China and Italy, in a secret garden in Venice

The fabulous love story among Jenny and Davide, a bond between two countries.

Wedding in a secret garden in Venice

For Jenny and Davide that day of July started really early in the morning.

Their wedding in a secret garden in Venice would have been only in the afternoon, but the first hours of the day would have been dedicated to a romantic photo shoot in the city of love.

Jenny and Davide have an incredible love story, born during the biological studies they were attending in the United States where they now live happily ever after.

She’s from China and he’s from Italy - precisely from a city near Venice - and their love was like a bridge between the two cultures and so it was their wedding in Venice.

How could we say no to their proposal of organizing their marriage in a secret garden? We simply couldn't and we started thinking how we could give justice to both cultures in such an important day for them.

Jenny and Davide’s first look on a rooftop terrace in Venice

Not every couple, who get married in Venice, decides to have a first look, but you know, it happens that when you’re in love you can’t stay away too much from your better half.

Before meeting each other, Jenny had an appointment with the makeup artist, who prepared her magnificently for the photo shoot. Davide, on his hand, was a bit nervous but ready to take this big step in his life and he was even more sure of it when she finally saw her.

He was waiting for her on the terrace when she appeared right behind him in her bright white dress. She was shining like the sun.

Wedding in a secret garden in Venice

After the first look, a motorboat was waiting for them at the dock, to bring them to the heart of Venice: St. Mark’s Square. But this wasn't the only place they stopped for the photo shoot, in fact, they took some pictures among the narrow Venetian streets too and also on the motorboat while crossing the Grand Canal.

The time for their wedding ceremony in a secret garden in Venice was getting closer and closer, and both Jenny and Davide were feeling it deep inside themselves.

That was their moment and after a couple of other pictures and some adjustments for the bride, the groom and the ladies in waiting, everything was absolutely ready to start.


Wedding in a Venetian secret garden adorned with white and red decorations

As we said before, we wanted the two cultures to be in perfect harmony with each other as Jenny and Davide’s souls were, so what we planned was decorating the garden with the colors of China: the red and the white. The garden was full of flowers: dahlias, lisianthus, bouvardias, freesias, branched roses and many others.

Wedding in a secret garden in Venice

After all, Italy was already well presented by the location we chose and the menu we created for the occasion.

In the garden, we hanged some pieces of paper with the names of the bride, the groom and all the guests on a tree to symbolize the union between the two families under the same canopy.

Jenny got married wearing the traditional white dress, but then, she paid homage to her own country and family wearing the traditional Chinese red dress. She was beautiful anyway.

Right before dinner, the traditional tea ceremony was celebrated with a red tea service. It was a touching moment, soaked with respect and devotion.

The menu we thought for their wedding dinner was a way to celebrate the Italian culture, this time. Here’s what we prepared for them.

Wedding in a secret garden in Venice


Small Lobster salad with Green Beans, Summer Sprouts and Xeres vinegar Sause
Black and White Cavatelli Pasta with Mussels and clams
Steamed Sea Bass Fillet with White Cornmeal Mush Lemon Flavored, Pea Velouté, and Marinated Anchovies
Wedding cake – Millefoglie with Chantilly Cream and Strawberries

After dinner, a dance is due. Jenny and Davide started the party with a dance and a bunch of smiles and kisses. Our work was done and we left them enjoying the rest of the night under the starts, blessing them for their eternal love.


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