Wedding Planner Venice

Wedding on a terrace with magnificent view of Saint Mark's basin Venice Italy

Intimate and romantic ceremony on a terrace with panoramic view of Venice

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Wedding ceremony for Sara and Sean in Venice, marvellous terrace with breathtaking view of the island of San Giorgio and Giudecca, view of Venice from above, the ideal setting to swear eternal love.

Venice greets two spouses from the United States for a symbolic ceremony held on a terrace with a breathtaking view over Saint Mark's basin. Who said that in the technological third millennium there is no more room for romanticism? For further information, ask Sara and Sean, landed in the lagoon with the specific intention of living a special emotion. No relatives or friends. Only them and the impeccable service of the wedding planning agency that arranged everything. Only them and the excitement for such a special moment. Only Sara and Sean, Venice and their hearts.

Venice is radiant like a bride. The sky clearer than ever. The bells of the many steeples. Riva degli Schiavoni with many tourists going back and forth. They stop at the stalls. They ask about tours. They take the classic boats. Sean and Sara see them from above. Sean and Sara are going up to (their) paradise. Sean and Sara are getting married with a symbolic wedding. Before them, the magnificence of the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio. Both are impeccable. Sean, in a tuxedo and bow tie. Sara in white gown with a small train, a bouquet and a wreath on her head.

The couple read personal messages, handwritten on "trivial" paper. Ironic inverted commas, of course. Putting sentimental thoughts on paper is a treasure... the new generations will have less and less the fortune to seek out and dedicate it to someone. Sean and Sarah read. They read each other, then it's time for signatures and for a tender embrace. Before going on and returning to the lagoon, the new spouses enjoy the Venetian infinite. Sighs. They want to stop the time. And stay here forever. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. For those who want to dream this is the perfect city.

After the wedding on the terrace, Sara and Sean reach Piazza San Marco. Time to buy a couple of masks, and here they are on a gondola. A gondola ride along the Grand Canal and the adjacent canals. The first few seconds are the most unforgettable. The gondolier begins. They have to become familiar with the world moving around them. There is only water. There, aboard the gondola, Sean and Sara are still celebrating their symbolic wedding in Venice. Reflected on the waters.

The tour continues. Still dressed like bride and groom, Sara and Sean return to Piazza San Marco. Walking happily till they reach the wonderful terrace of the hotel Danieli, where a sumptuous dinner is waiting for them. The dishes are served. The two Americans are living inside their dream. No longer theory. It’s all real. Today in Venice there is the love between Sara and Sean. Venetian breeze. Sean closer to Sara. The story of a journey, a symbolic wedding in Venice on a rooftop terrace. Sara and Sean, just married in Venice.

Ph: Laurè Jacquemin