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Wedding proposal, the secret garden with a view on the Grand Canal

A romantic wedding proposal in a private secret garden with a view on the Grand Canal, Venice.

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A secret garden for this romantic wedding proposal.

Some tears on her delicate face. A ring on her finger. Cedric declared his love and, in the magic background of a Venetian secret garden, his sweet girlfriend received an incredible wedding proposal. A man and a woman are now ready to officially start their life together. The world now doesn’t look so far and lonely anymore. Now the world appears like a boundless universe where to carve out the space for their love and enjoy its everyday life, day by day.

Venice is not just Saint Mark’s Square and many amazing sunsets. Having the possibility to enjoy a sudden rain from under a porch or maybe get to a dead end after having walked along an unknown “calle” (Venetian street). It’s made by those faces that you can’t really know until you have experienced the true Venetian reality in and out your soul. Green is a colour that is definitely more typical of the grass than of the lagoon but it’s surprising to discover how many buildings hide some secret gardens behind their walls. Cedric had done some research about that and he decided to organise his wedding proposal in one of these fascinating gardens.

At the moment of leaving for what is going to be an unforgettable holiday, Cedric is taking something with him. A ring, of course. But it is a very special ring. A family ring that has been passed down from a generation to the next. Now it is his turn; he has already found his twin soul and he is now ready to propose to her. Their important day starts as best it could with a romantic gondola tour. The two tourists enjoy their relax time. They admire this timeless city. They hug each other. It is the 25th October and the lives of this man and this woman are about to change forever.

Landed in a fascinating secret garden facing the Grand Canal, their sight gets lost in the gorgeous palaces on the opposite bank. Cedric looks into her eyes. He seems to be going to whisper something into her ear when he suddenly backs off a few steps. He goes on his knees. In his hand he is holding a ring to offer. The Venetian wedding proposal is now on stage. The girl is struck. Touched. Thrilled. Tears are falling on both their faces. Their eyes are red. Their hearts beat fast. The “lady” is as happy as never before and she enthusiastically accepts the proposal.

The wedding organisational structure is immediately set in motion and here comes a violinist that, as requested, starts performing and playing “Somewhere only we know” (Keane). Pink champagne and tasty canapés are served now. There is a little purple flower that gives that extra poetical touch. Not far away, on the near “Ponte degli Scalzi” (Bridge of the Barefoot) the touristic foot traffic is constant. In the meantime, in this part of the lagoon, the time seems to have stopped to celebrate the greatest feeling.

Lewis Carrol wrote Alice in Wonderland. Today, here, in Venice, in a secret garden, a romantic wedding proposal has been performed. The two protagonists wear the simplicity of their hearts. They look for each other. They hold each other’s hand. The porch covered with vegetation seems to bless them while they walk under it, with a heart full of joy. The blueish stone that is now embellishing her ring finger is catalysing the light of the sky over the lagoon, nearly matching the  colour of the clothes they are wearing.

In the secret garden Cedric gently pushes his fiancé on the swing. They are together. They are in Venice. They are officially engaged and they will soon be married.




Ph: Laurè Jacquemin

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