Wedding Planner Venice

Wedding reception in Venice on a terrace with a beautiful view on the Grand Canal

Civil wedding and wedding dinner on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal.

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Wedding dinner overlooking the Grand Canal, celebrating with family and friends

Venice is increasingly becoming a destination for couples from all around the world, especially from the United States. But this is the story of two young people from Germany who came to Venice to celebrate their civil wedding. Lisa and Christian arrived in the lagoon and, after the civil ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli, they enjoyed a wedding reception on a terrace with a beautiful view on the Grand Canal. Could you ask for more in such a special day?

Once marriage was said to be the most important day of one’s life. Today, not without melancholy, this idea is a bit passé. Not for everyone. Today there is more and more the willing to turn the wedding day into a long moment customized by the spouses. That's what Christian and his lovely girlfriend Lisa decided to do, so they arrived in Venice for a civil wedding. Not a big crowd of guests, only close friends (the true ones) and the closest relatives. Venice smiles to the new bride and groom. The day is shining. Yellow sun, blue sky and lagoon.

Lisa is dressed in white, according to tradition. She holds in her hands a bouquet of purple flowers. Christian wears a light blue tuxedo with bow tie. They met outside the hotel and set off together for Palazzo Cavalli, hugging each other in love. There is still a bit of time and their hearts are beating fast. Just below the bridge Ponte della Paglia they look at the bridge of Sighs, secretly whispering some lovely words to the beloved.

Lisa and Christian are really happy. There is no trace of pressure or drama. They go aboard the taxi and cross the Grand Canal. This is the heart of Venice. They are in the heart of Venice. Christian, like a true gentleman, kisses her hand under the magnificent ponte dell'Accademia. A few minutes later, they come down to earth again ready for their civil wedding. The municipal representative read the formula, then the exchanging of rings and finally the words "I now pronounce you husband and wife".

Now it’s the perfect moment to open the champagne. The two spouses, now Mr.  & Mrs., show themselves to the whole Venice from above the window of the palace, the Rialto Bridge on their right. It's still early for the wedding dinner on the terrace, so they decide to discover Venice a little more. Crossing the Rialto Bridge, nothing is better than a fresh and tasty appetizer, not far from the “noises” of the fish market, always full of people speaking the local dialect.

Again aboard the taxi. Venice becomes increasingly magical and glowing. It’s time to sit at the table on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal and enjoy the local specialities. After the welcome drink, octopus salad with celery and olives and another appetizer, an authentic delicacy loved by Venetians: scallops au gratin. It’s impossible to have enough of them. To close the first round, cupcake of stewed aubergine. Then risotto with seafood, baked filet and julienned vegetables. Finally, a chocolate wedding cake.

 Lisa and Christian have sworn eternal love in Venice. Their life together begins here, in a city always generous with many Romeo and Juliet coming from everywhere. Christian and Lisa chose Venice to say "Yes", and in 50-60 years they will be elder and will tell their grandchildren their story: they were young and came to Venice to live their dream of love.


Ph: Laurè Jacquemin