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Wedding venues in Venice: how to chose the perfect one

Discover the most impressive wedding venues in Venice

Venice Wedding Venues

Getting married in Venice is a moment of your life that will last forever in your mind, especially if you choose the right wedding venue.

Venice is the perfect city where to exchange your wedding vows; it's the city of love par excellence, but finding the right wedding venues in Venice can't be so easy if you consider the number of palaces and beautiful spots around the island.

We are here to help you choose the ideal place for your dream wedding, but everything depends on your desires and preferences.

Terraces with a view

Even if it seems impossible, a lot of beautiful palaces in Venice have a rooftop terrace, and we are not referring to a small "altana."

Venetian noblemen loved to see their unique city from above, better if with a spectacular view.

Venice wedding venues terrace

You can live the emotion of celebrating your wedding in Venice, asking the magnificence of the Madonna Della Salute Church and San Giorgio Maggiore island to be your bridesmaid and best man.

Depending on the number of your guests, you can think about a private and intimate terrace or one with a sea-view.

What we can assure you is that every wedding venues in Venice with a rooftop terrace is worth it and will amaze all your guests.

014 venice wedding venues terrace

Venetian palaces

If you are considering the idea of getting married in Venice, probably you have already thought about having the ceremony inside a beautiful Venetian palace.

Venice wedding venues palace

Of course, you can't simply look around and pick the one you like the most, but we can suggest you a couple of places we are sure you'll love them.

One is an elegant and precious building, with a gothic facade and beautiful frescoes and stuccos inside. It also has a private garden with an early gothic fountain. But if you are more inclined towards a romantic palace, isolated from the world by an ancient wall, we have something for you too.

You can have a look at our whole list of Venetian palace here.

Venice wedding venues palace

Secret gardens

Some couples prefer to celebrate their wedding day in Venice in the open air, especially in summer, when the weather is warm and sunny.

Venice wedding venues secret garden

You might not know it, but Venice hides a lot of secret gardens inside some of its buildings, and several ones are available to host your wedding.

You can opt for what we call the Garden of Eden, inside a 16th-century convent designed by Andrea Palladio, facing St. Mark's Square or a beautiful and unexpected garden in a well-known art gallery and museum.

Here you find all our proposals for a wedding venue with a garden, in Venice.

010 venice wedding venues secret garden

Luxury hotels

Last but not least option is choosing a luxury hotel, for your wedding celebration.

Almost all the Venetian luxury hotels are set inside an ancient palace, decorated with incredible frescoes and with a magic atmosphere.

Venice wedding venues luxury hotel

You'll live a day surrounded by astonishing Murano chandeliers and extraordinary ceilings, which will highlight your love.

If you're dreaming about giving a breezy but still romantic touch to your marriage, there's a place among our wedding venues in Venice where the famous Giacomo Casanova used to spend a bit of his time gambling and seducing.

If you are uncertain whether you prefer an outdoor place or not, we can meet you halfway. In fact, there's a luxury hotel in Lido, a fabulous Byzantine style castle, whose hall has a sea view that will amaze you.

You can consult the complete list of our Venice wedding venues inside luxury hotels here.

Venice wedding venues luxury hotel

Now you have an overview of the kinds of wedding venues in Venice we work with. No matter what kind of place or setting you are looking for, Venice is a city that makes dreams come true, especially those of two people in love. Helping you organize the most important day of your life, finding the perfect location and taking care of all the details will be an honor for us.

Don't let a wrong choice ruin your wedding day. Selecting the perfect venue takes time and patience, but we can make this decision less hard to take.

Contact us for more information.