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Christian Ceremony

Basilica di San Marco (Saint Mark’s Basilica)

Saint Mark’s Basilica is the most important church in Venice; it is the cathedral of the city and the seat of the Patriarch of Venice. It is one of the main monuments of Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square) from which it takes its name.

Saint Mark’s Basilica is the most majestic of the Venetian monuments: it is the one which represents the greatness of Venice the most.

It is a magnificent example of Byzantine and Gothic architecture and the interior is completely covered with bright mosaics representing biblical scenes. It contains a lot of works of art, among which we mention the Pala d’ Oro a masterpiece of Byzantine craftsmanship containing precious gems and the Tesoro di San Marco (Saint Mark’s treasure), a collection of severalstunning masterpieces of the religious art gathered along the centuries.



Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Church of Saint Mary of the Miracles)

Santa Maria dei Miracoli, in the area called Cannaregio, is more recent than the otherchurches and it has been designed, built up and decorated by one same artist. It is the Pietro Lombardo’s masterpiece and one of the most important examples of the Venetian Renaissance. It resembles to an extraordinary jewel box coated by coloured marbles. Thanks to recent renovation works you can see it all.



Chiesa di San Giovanni Elemosinario (Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario)

The Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario, in the sestiere (one of the Venetian districts) of St. Paul, near the Rialto market area, is a small church completely hidden by the surrounding buildings and the stands of the street market.

The Church is quite small inside with an elegant late Renaissance interior and you can admire some frescoes by two very famous artists of the 5th century, Tiziano and Pordenone.



Chiesa di San Giacomo dall'Orio (Church of San James)

Chiesa di San Giacomo dall’ Orio, in the sestiere of San Polo, is one of the oldest churches in Venice.

Its foundations were laid in the 9th century, then it was rebuilt in the 13th century by two noble families and subsequently modified again in the following centuries. This is the reason why it is a mixture of different styles: Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance. You can see the oeuvres by important masters like Lorenzo Lotto, Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Palma iI Giovane and others.

This Church has a great charm thanks to its sober and archaic exterior aspect and its bright internal articulation dominated by the roof trusses.



Chiesa di San Pietro di Castello (Basilica of St Peter of Castello)

The Church of San Pietro di Castello is in the sestiere of Castello, not far from the Arsenal basins. It has a monumental facade and its solitary bell tower dominates the wide campo (square) covered with grass as it was in the past when the Church of San Pietro was the cathedral church of Venice.

The facade made of Istrian stone features a prominent set of four engaged columns with Composite capitals supporting the main pediment and entablature. The solitary and leaning tower bell is unique for its powerful renaissance shapes.