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Panoramic Terraces in Venice - Location 3

The five star Hotel is the perfect venue for a unforgettable wedding!

Occupying a superb position on the Grand Canal with inspiring views of Santa Maria della Salute Church, The Hotel echoes the artistic poetry of Venice.

Within The Hotel there are different unmatched venues that will transform your day from a wedding date to a special day.

A selection of terraces that sit on the Grand Canal offer around the clock gastronomic experiences and unparalleled views.

They also serve as perfect venues for hosting galas, events, celebratory occasions and weddings from intimate moments to tailor made events on its one-of-a-kind all season terrace.

The Big Terrace, recently renovated it is a stunning atmosphere to celebrate and create romantic memories only fashioned in Venice.

For those desiring even more privacy to our newly remodeled Terrace Suites which give onto Venice's Grand Canal and look past the maze of terracotta rooftops into the sunset.

The hotel offers 4 rooms for receptions, furnished in a unique style, very adaptable for large ceremonies with a many guests or for more intimate festivities. In a unique and luxurious atmosphere your wedding day will be like your dreams and wishes.