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This section is not dedicated to the bride and the groom who are already very busy, but it is completely dedicated to you, the guests.

When someone invites you to a wedding, or even more if you are the wedding witnesses many questions arise: what present are we buying? How should we dress? What do we have and not have to do during a wedding? Shall we go with our boy- or girlfriend or alone?

As said before, this corner is dedicated to you, the guests, because our experience has taught us that even guests always look for advices and ideas in order to make the right impression the wedding day. We answer to the most frequently asked questions and for any other doubt, idea or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us in our blog.

We look forward to hearing from you!



When you are invited to a wedding, how much expensive the present has to be in order not to make a bad impression?


I think everyone should buy the present he can afford, considering his closeness to the bride and the groom.

A present should be a pleasure for both for the person who buys it and for the person who receives it. Buy what you feel like and what you think is suitable for the bride and the groom. Calculating the budget for the present in accordance to the estimated price of the lunch is a common habit, but I think it is totally inopportune.

Try to know if the bride and the groom have a wedding gift registry, since buying a present without caring about it just because you don’t like the theme that was chosen.

When the bride and the groom prefer to receive money, they create an embarrassing situation which impose rational calculations of course, but in some cases you can’t escape. In case, try to buy a more important present with other friends, so that everyone is happy.

Give your presents to the bride and the groom some days before the wedding so that you don’t oblige them to open them during the wedding reception.

Write and tell us some information about the bride and the groom in order to receive some advices. We’ll be pleased to illustrate you the last tendencies which will leave the bride and the groom stunned.

Linda –Brilliant Wedding Planner



If the bride and the groom prefer to receive money as a present, do we have to give them a packet with the money?


Giving money is a bit embarassing for a guest, but if the bride and the groom prefer it, I suggest to prepare a personalized envelope together with a small present reminding of you, as for example a photograph with the bride and the groom and you or a poem on a parchment.

The bon ton imposes you give at least the sum of money you would need to pay for the lunch and you buy also a present, but I think everyone has to consider his own possibilities and his closeness to the bride and the groom. So, leave calculations apart and let your heart drives your choices.

I suggest you to give them the “present” a few days before the wedding having a cup of tea also with other guests in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Laura – Brilliant Wedding Planner



How do you respond to an invitation to a wedding?


Phone the bride and the groom as soon as possible in order to facilitate the wedding organization.

This could be the best occasion to gather information about the type of ceremony in order to choose the right dress. If you have sons, you can ask if they can go, but pay attention to the invitation: if it is addressed to Mrs and Mr Bianchi and not to the family Bianchi, there’s no doubt your sons are not invited.

Laura – Brilliant Wedding Planner



How should I dress for a wedding?


More details about the ceremony and the reception you know, more probably you will make the right choice about your look.

A guest don’t have to dress neither in total white nor in total black: only the bride can dress in white, while black is not appropriate for a wedding, but there is a new tendency saying the two colors can be put together. So a black and white dress is approved!

These are the most common “rules”, but fashion always establishes new tendencies: a very elegant black dress is usually used for night parties, but you can see it in the afternoon more and more often. The bon ton imposing the right dress for the right occasion persists: too low necked dresses, too short skirts and eccentric look are not appropriate. The keyword for guests is moderation.

Wedding in the morning

If a wedding takes place in the morning, a sober and refined look is preferable to long and dark dresses.

Sliding dresses with soft tissues, even waisted tailleurs with a particular cut or a pastel colour cocktail dress will be perfect. When you are inside the church, it is better to cover your shoulder with a stole. Shoes have to be elegant, better with high heels, not necessarily too high considering how long the ceremony lasts. Shoes have to be matched with the bag and the colour of the dress. You can choose the contrast or prefer matching tones.

Talking about the tights, there is always an open discussion: someone respecting the etiquette would absolutely wear them with any weather condition, but someone wouldn’t wear them with pleasure.

If the wedding is in winter, overcoats and coats have to be very elegant.

If the groom wears the morning dress, witnesses and relatives have to wear it too. The other guests can wear the classic dark suit, shirt and tie.

Wedding in the afternoon/night

We need to add a few more suggestions if the wedding takes place in the night. Women can wear a long dress, overall if the party lasts until late in the night. In any case, women should avoid total black, while men can wear a dark suit. In Italy, the dinner jacket is not a proper dress for ceremonies and men don’t have to wear it during a wedding, neither if it is in the night.

Linda – Brilliant Wedding Planner