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Wedding planning tips you should read if you get married in Venice

The best way to organize your wedding in Venice with our wedding tips

Wedding planning tips

Many couples come to Venice to celebrate their special day. The city of love par excellence is one of the most popular destinations to live an unforgettable wedding day, surrounded by a suggestive backdrop.


Best time to get married in Venice, Italy

A miniguide about the best time to get married in Venice to help you choose the right period for your wedding.

best time to get married in Venice

When you get engaged, deciding when is the best time to get married is a fundamental step of the wedding organization.


How to plan an elopement wedding in Venice

All the tips you need to plan an elope in Venice

Elopement in Venice

How to plan an elopement wedding in Venice is a question our couples ask us frequently and not only because organizing it is something difficult to do, but mainly because they want to be reassured that they are doing the right thing.


Getting married in Venice: what requirements are needed

Getting married in Venice? In this article, we collected all the requirements are needed for your legal wedding ceremony.

000 getting married in venice requirements

The truth is that getting married in Venice doesn’t need any particular requirements.


Renewal of vows in Venice on a gondola and in many other ways

Would you like to renew your vow in Venice? Here are some ideas!

000 renewal of vows in venice

If there’s a place where you should renew your wedding vows, this is Venice.


Symbolic wedding in Venice: how to make that day really special

Don’t you know how to organize a Symbolic wedding in Venice? Here are our suggestions as wedding planners in this beautiful city

000 symbolic wedding venice

You might have a million reasons to get married in Venice with a symbolic wedding, but you’ll agree with us when we say that this is the best city in the world where to celebrate it.


Weddings in Venice on wonderful terraces overlooking the Grand Canal

Your perfect wedding on a terrace with panoramic view of Venice

Jey Lo Proposal 2 1130 600

Celebrate your wedding in a wonderful terrace in Venice, all you need to know for your unforgettable day. The symbolic ceremony on the terrace with a stunning view of Venice, an experience that you never forget.


Proposing on a gondola in Venice: 5 mistakes to avoid and make them happy

A list of five things you should know before proposing on a gondola in Venice

000 proposing on a gondola mistakes to avoid

Proposing on a gondola in Venice is like living a fairytale. We know that you can hire a gondola in New York too, but we can assure you it won't be the same.


Getting Married in Venice: all you need to know to organize your wedding

Our personal pieces of advice to get married in Venice without any surprise

getting married all you need to know

We know that many questions are fulling your mind, thinking about your future wedding in Venice. Every couple who dreams of getting married in Venice has a lot of doubts to solve, before starting planning it seriously.


Small wedding in Venice, Italy: some useful tips

A list of all the things you should take care of, for a small wedding in Venice.

000 small wedding in venice

small wedding in Venice, Italy, isn't for all, but many couples prefer something intimate, rather than a huge and dispersive wedding ceremony.


Town hall wedding in Venice: your civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

All you need to know about a civil wedding at Venice town hall

000 civil wedding town hall venice

Every year, many couples get married in Venice with a civil wedding at the Venice town hall, better known as Palazzo Cavalli.


Wedding venues in Venice: how to chose the perfect one

Discover the most impressive wedding venues in Venice

Venice Wedding Venues

Getting married in Venice is a moment of your life that will last forever in your mind, especially if you choose the right wedding venue.


7 Reasons why getting married in Venice is the right choice

Getting married in Venice: a dream coming true

Getting married in Venice

Getting married in Venice is a dream for many people. After all, this is the city of love, a place where every corner can turn into a perfect location to propose.

But why choosing Venice for your marriage will be the right choice for you two? Here, We collected a few reasons to prove it.


Price List Town Hall Venice, Palazzo Cavalli. All Prices and Costs for a Civil Wedding in Venice

All Prices & Cost for a civil wedding in Venice Italy. Price List for a civil wedding ceremony at the Palazzo Cavalli (Town Hall) Venice Italy.

venice civil wedding palazzo cavalli

How much does getting married in the Town Hall, Palazzo Cavalli Venice cost?


Brilliant Wedding Venice conquers the american magazine Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!

From the United States to Venice and back. The Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine narrates the venetian marriage of Seth Setrakian and Dasha Maksymova.


Brilliant Wedding Venice creates, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine tells. There in the middle the ceremony, according to the greek- orthodox rite, of Seth and Dasha in Venice.

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