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Orthodox Ceremony

Chiesa di San Giorgio dei Greci (St George of the Greeks)

The Greek Orthodox cathedral of San Giorgio in Venice, known as the Church of San Giorgio dei Greci (St George of the Greeks), is the most ancient Orthodox Diaspora church. It has been one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the world for ages.

The Basilica has one nave with a dome-shaped roof. Its exterior resembles to a classical Venetian church of the Renaissance age. The building, embellished by harmonious architectonic elements, is simple and impressive at the same time.

Outside, over the main entrance, you can see the mosaic of Cristo Salvatore (Christ the Savior) and the famous dedication epigraph composed by Michele Sofianòs in 1564.

Entering the Church, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an impressive hall with mosaics and frescoes on a golden background which highlights the polychrome holy icons.

The Church of San Giorgio, a real piece of jewel of the Greek-Orthodox Diaspora, has represented the religious and nationalHellenic centre of the city and of the whole region for centuries.