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Palazzo Cavalli

It is a wonderful 16th century palace where you can celebrate the wedding of your dreams in the heart of Venice, next to the famous Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge).

Inside the building there are three halls perfect to welcome the bride and groom. They are covered with paintings going back to the Renaissance age. You can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Canal Grande (Grand Canal) and a unique view of the Ponte di Rialto.

The main hall is the largest, magically enlightened by a huge window. It has a gorgeous balcony on the Canal Grande.

When the bride and groom arrive, they are welcome by the Major or another representative wearing a band reproducing the Italian flag stripes (green, white and red).

A municipal representative commences the ceremony and assists during the exchanging of wedding vows and the signature of the official documents by the newlywed and the witnesses.

The civil ceremony can last up to 30 minutes and some lecturers and promises can be selected by the bride and groomin order to maketheir ceremony more personal.

Our interpreters translate the whole ceremony.

Taking a “gondola” is the most romantic way to get to the palace being surrounded by astonishing palaces and the water splashing on the channel’s banks.