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Symbolic Wedding

Brilliant Wedding Venice  is pleased to offer you a unique and personalized service to satisfy your requests and make your dreams come true…

A symbolic ceremony is the best way to show each other your love wherever you desire to, avoiding all the legal constraints.

Is there a better place where to celebrate your wedding than the most romantic city in the world?

If you have already been married in your home country, why don’t live such a magic moment once again?


Either if you desire a private ceremony between the two of you or a ceremony shared with your relatives and friends, Brilliant Wedding Venice  will listen to your requests and suggest the best way to make your wedding unforgettable.

Venice is full of enchanted venues where to celebrate the symbolic ceremony: ancient palaces, hidden gardens, terraces facing the Canal Grande  (Grand Canal) and many more.

The symbolic wedding can be celebrated by any of your dear ones or by an expert master of ceremonies; it will be tailored on your requests with touching and exciting lectures in order to grant the right value to your marriage.

If requested, you will receive a symbolic wedding certificate that is not legally binding but that will represent a precious memory for you.