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Private Palaces in Venice - Location 2

A majestic and unique palace on the Grand Canal.

15th century palace located along the Grand Canal, not far from the Rialto Bridge. It was built in Venetian Gothic style and underwent several restoration works in the last decades.

The fa├žade is of great architectural importance thanks to the splendid gable windows of the two main floors. The beautiful Baroque decoration inside is the work of the most important Venetian artists of the eighteenth century. This peculiarity makes it a marvelous work of art of world renown where it is possible to organize unforgettable luxury events. Symbolic ceremonies can take place in the Palace.

Depending on the preferences and the size of the group, the Palace wedding banquets can be organized in one of the different areas of the Palace.

The ground floor is divided into 3 main areas: the entrance hall, the garden and the wardrobe; on the first floor there are 7 rooms while 7 others are on the second floor. All rooms are very spacious, this building is recommended for couples with a large number of guests.